WellBeing by Well.ca | We Made Popsicles at the Office and This is What Happened...
When a Zoku Pops Maker crossed our threshold recently, we had to try it out. Here's the successful recipe that made the staff at Well.ca very happy.
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We Made Popsicles at the Office and This is What Happened…

Ice cream sticks on pastel colors background

Popsicles are a cool treat that brings us back to our childhood. Sitting on the porch, by the pool, in a hot car on the way to the cottage or even just walking home from school or camp, they are a mainstay of summer in Canada; particularly if you have kids (or are a kid at heart). Ice cream may be wonderful; Freezies are convenient, but Popsicles are a remnant of childhood I for one will never give up. Sorry…being a former food blogger, I tend to wax poetic about food of any kind.

That’s why when the Zoku Quick Pop Maker crossed our threshold this past week I simply had to try it out. I researched. I read. I pinterested. I searched blogs and websites and the internet as a whole to find a few awesome recipes to try. Last Friday we had Zoku Pops day in the office. Everyone was excited. I swear, each person asked me more than once when the pops would be made. Every time I got up from my chair someone looked at me expectantly, wondering if that was the time I was heading to the kitchen to make them.

Finally I had time (yes, I do actually do work, people!). I mixed. I poured. I waited. And when they came out I had more willing taste-testers than I had pops for. I made another batch. I poured. I waited. I pulled them out. More avid taste testers. And the result? They were delish. Sweet (but not too sweet). Coffee darkness (but not too dark). Baileys flavour (but not too much Baileys). And the walnuts…oh, the walnuts—they added the perfect amount of crunch.

The office was happy and I was a quick pop hero. Thanks for the pops, Zoku.

Here is the recipe I made:

Sweet and Strong Coffee Pops*



  1. Bring all ingredients (excluding Baileys) to a simmer in a saucepan (or a microwave), stirring regularly.
  2. Remove from heat when well combined and place in the fridge for about 1 hour or until cooled.
  3. Remove from fridge and stir in the Irish Cream. Pour chilled mixture into Zoku pops molds, following manufacturer’s directions. Wait about seven minutes. Remove from mold and enjoy!

*Obviously a coffee pop wouldn’t be suitable for our littles, so these were for adults only. For the kidlets, we love the juice and yogurt mixtures we saw on Pinterest and our course on the Zoku Blog.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker


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