Tips for Improving Your Work-Life-Workout Balance

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Tips for Improving Your Work-Life-Workout Balance

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Working 9-5 definitely has it’s perks—consistent weekday hours plus evenings and weekends off leave me with a lot of free time. But it can still be tricky to schedule in as many workouts as I’d like to each week—especially when living downtown Toronto where there’s always something exciting going on! I’m constantly trying to perfect my work-life-workout balance, so I’m sharing a few tricks I’ve learned that help me stay more active throughout the work day.

Tip #1: Getting To Work

Use your commute as part of your workout routine. If possible, bike, walk or run to and from work for built-in exercise 5 days a week. If work is too far for one of these options, you can still find ways to get some movement in.

I take the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) to work, and I’ll get off the subway a stop or two early to walk the last 15- 20 minutes. This is such a great way to start my day. It gets my blood pumping and clears my mind so I can focus on the day ahead.

You can do the same thing on your way home. Walk for 20 minutes before getting on transit, or get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way home. For those who drive to work, no excuses—you can do this too! Try parking further away than usual for a little extra walking time.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Chair

Sitting in an office chair all day can make you feel anything but fit. The good news is…you don’t have to sit in the office chair all day! There are so many options out there made just for 9 to 5-er’s.

I’ve been using the Gaiam Adjustable Balance Stool. Because I can adjust the height, it fits perfectly with my desk. The stool works to encourage “micro-movements to help firm your core and improve your circulation and posture.” I definitely find myself slouching less while using the stool, which is a huge improvement. And it’s surprisingly comfortable, so it was an easy change to my daily routine.

There are some other great options out there too, like the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair and the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair. If you’re not ready to swap out your office chair, you can consider the Gaiam Balance Wedge. It’s also designed to encourage micro-movements, and has an added bonus of an angled back, which helps to align your spine.

Tip #3: Take a Walk

Sitting at your desk for hours on end can make you feel sluggish, but there’s an easy solution. Take a walk! Whether you’re walking around the room while on a conference call or heading outside on your lunch break, try to find the best way for you to work it into your day. Getting your heart rate up will help give you an energy boost and keep the good ideas flowing.

Tip #4: Schedule It In

Make time in your weekly schedule for before- or after-work workouts. I find it’s best if you choose specific days each week and stay consistent with them.

At minimum, I will book a workout class each Monday and Thursday and hold myself to them. My friends and family now know that this is a part of my weekly routine, so it’s easy to schedule other plans around my workouts. It also helps to find a workout that you enjoy (kickboxing is my newest obsession!), and a friend to join you (or peer pressure you on those days where you’re feeling particularly lazy).

Bonus Tip: Stay Hydrated!

Although it’s not a true “fitness” tip per se, staying hydrated is hands down the easiest way to feel your best all day long. Invest in a water bottle you love bringing from meeting to meeting, and keep it filled up—if you paid attention to tip # 3, the more walks to the water cooler, the better!

Written by Sarah Steeves

Sarah is a marketing specialist at She loves staying active and keeping up to date with latest wellness and beauty trends.

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