Why You Totally Need Topical Magnesium

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Why You Totally Need Topical Magnesium

Magnesium being put into a foot bath

If you’ve ever soaked in a tub of Epsom salts, you know the power of magnesium for sore muscles.

Epsom salts are magnesium crystals. Dissolved in a hot bath, the magnesium molecules absorb through the skin to relax tension and ease pain. While the hot water helps, it’s mostly the magnesium at work.

Magnesium: A Natural Remedy for Muscle and Nerve Pain

An essential mineral, magnesium has a special role as a natural pain reliever.

So whether you’re recovering from a tough workout or dealing with chronic pain, it makes sense to keep magnesium on hand.

But what if a long bath isn’t on the agenda?

Luckily, Epsom salts aren’t the only way to relieve pain with magnesium. You can soak this muscle-relaxing mineral through your skin even when you’re on the go!

Welcome to the world of topical magnesium.

Topical Magnesium for Pain: Beyond Epsom Salts

Today there are topical magnesium products you can apply anywhere, in no more time than it takes to moisturize.

Most forms are made of magnesium chloride. Extracted from purified, concentrated, mineral-rich seawater, magnesium chloride is the most natural form of topical magnesium.

Remember how you felt after a day in the ocean? While sunshine and the soothing sound of crashing waves help, you can also thank magnesium for your post-beach-day bliss. Seawater is rich in magnesium and other trace minerals important for wellness.


MagTherapy by Natural Calm Canada is a Canadian brand of topical magnesium available as a gel, spray or concentrated liquid.

Fans of MagTherapy use it for sore muscles, cramps, spasms, restless legs syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines, painful eczema and more.

Extracted from salt evaporation ponds on the coast of California, every batch of MagTherapy is tested and certified clean based on the highest standards for purity — which is important because it’s not just magnesium that gets absorbed through the skin!

How Your Skin Absorbs Topical Magnesium for Pain Relief

Skin is our largest organ and what we put on it often ends up in our bloodstream. That’s why it’s so important to choose natural skincare, soaps, makeup and even laundry detergents.

But the skin is also a good option for absorbing magnesium.

When dissolved, magnesium molecules become small enough to penetrate the skin. From there, magnesium sets to work relaxing muscles, reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and taking the edge off nerve pain.

And here’s what’s special about topical magnesium: it bypasses the digestive system, a plus for anyone who can’t handle too much magnesium taken orally.

If you’re in pain, your magnesium needs may be higher than usual. Any kind of stress or tension is a sign we need more magnesium. You can keep taking your magnesium drink, tablet or capsule when you’re in pain, but you might also want a dose of topical magnesium to raise your levels fast.

Choosing the Right Magnesium as Your Go-To Remedy for Pain

What magnesium is right for you? If you’re choosing a high-quality supplement or topical form, it comes down to personal preference.

Concentrated magnesium chloride goes a long way when used topically. A half teaspoon is all most people will need. You can dilute it with water, natural oil or cream and spray, swab or massage into the skin. Full-strength magnesium chloride liquid works great as an alternative to Epsom salts in the bath, too!

If you experience tingling or itching, know that it’s only because magnesium chloride is made from natural seawater. Just use extra moisturizer, or rinse the magnesium chloride off about 20-30 minutes after application.

Diluted forms, like MagTherapy gel and spray, are great for sensitive skin.

Gels and creams or balms made with magnesium chloride hold the mineral in a thicker layer on the skin while it absorbs. It’s also the ideal medium for massaging into tight, sore spots, while transdermal magnesium spray is the ultimate in convenience.

Kids can use topical magnesium, too! Their skin is more sensitive, so dilute the magnesium chloride more than you would for an adult. We highly recommend a magnesium massage for kids with pain, including growing pains, trouble sleeping or relaxing.

How do you use magnesium in your daily rituals? Let us know below!


Written by Anna Bolton

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