Why Choose Whole Food Supplements?

WellnessWhy Choose Whole Food Supplements?
Fresh fruits and supplement capsules

Supplements are traditionally made using ingredients (vitamins, minerals & herbs) that have been extracted from their natural state. For example, citrus fruits naturally contain vitamin C, but when you buy vitamin C in supplement form, you simply get the vitamin C, not the whole fruit.

But when it comes to whole food supplements, there’s minimal, if any, processing or extraction. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s talk about the benefits of whole food supplements!

Great for Sensitive Stomachs

For some people, natural ingredients like B vitamins, iron, and calcium can be tough on the digestive tract. Therefore, a whole food supplement can make a world of difference.  Many of these formulas are even gentle enough to take on an empty stomach! Whether you’re looking for a good prenatal, digestive support or to boost your energy, check out whole food formulas first!

Great for Overall Health

One of the biggest differences between “regular” supplements and whole food supplements is the dosage.

When we extract a nutrient from foods we can pack a lot more into a single capsule. But more isn’t always better.

Let’s talk vitamin B12. It’s important for energy, metabolism, nerve function, and mood. It’s found in animal-based foods and needs adequate stomach acid to be absorbed. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have poor digestion, your levels may be low. For those who are deficient in vitamin B12, taking a whole food supplement containing vitamin B12 may not be enough. Instead, you might want a higher dose that can be dissolved on the tongue.

If you’re ready to explore the world of whole food supplements, check out the full category HERE.

If you already incorporate whole food supplements into your routine, which ones are your faves? Let us know below!

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