Which Lunch Containers Fit in Which Lunch Bags?

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Which Lunch Containers Fit in Which Lunch Bags?

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Back to school season is upon us, and it’s bringing a mix of relief and stress to parents everywhere. Kids will soon be returning to their daily school year routines of homework, recess, and, most importantly—lunch time.

Packing your kids’ lunches is the best way to encourage healthy eating habits from a young age. While you figure out what food to pack your kids, we’re here to help you figure out which food storage containers and water bottles fit in some of our top lunch bags, and how they fit together best, so you can buy the right combinations for packing the best lunches all year long!

Lunch containers and lunch bag combinations

Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit

Our first lunch bag to consider is Parkland’s Rodeo Lunch Kit, a true lunch hero. The exterior is made from recycled plastic water bottles, which is awesome! The main perk of this one is the front zip pocket that’s perfect for snacks, cutlery, cute notes to your little one, snack bags, or even small snack containers like Crocodile Creek Snack Keepers. The inside is insulated, easy to wipe, and big enough to fit almost all lunch containers. Check out the infographic above for all the combinations we tried!

Crocodile Creek Classic Lunch Box

The next lunch bag is a real classic, Crocodile Creek’s Classic Lunch Box. This was the largest of the three lunch bags we tried out, and even has a zippered pouch at the front for small snack bags like Russbe’s or Colibri’s, cutlery, and cute notes – anything flat is fair game! This bag fits the Mepal Bento Box with room to spare on top for snack bags or an ice pack. All the water bottles we tried fit comfortably on the inside, but if you opt for a larger bento box, it’s a good idea to try the S’ip water bottle since it can be attached the handle. Refer to the infographic above to see how everything fit together best!

SoYoung Lunch Box

Last but certainly not least, we tried out SoYoung’s Lunch Box – a local Toronto brand we’ve come to know and love. The rectangular, classic shape was similar to the Crocodile Creek Classic Bag, but there’s no extra zippered pocket on the front. We liked the detachable long strap so kids can wear as a messenger bag or even backpack, and loved that it is fully machine washable! This bag is big enough for all the bento boxes, water bottles, and snack bags and containers we tried—check out the infographic above to see the best combinations!

So go ahead, stock up on all your litterless lunch gear at Well.ca with confidence now that you have a better idea of which lunch containers fit in which lunch bags. To help you even more, we’ve grouped some of our lunch time faves below based on size – so you can make some swaps based on what you like best!

Build Your Own Combinations Using These Size Comparisons

Lunch Bags

Crocodile Creek Classic Lunch Box is about the same size as:

Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit is slightly smaller and about the same size as:

Bento Box Size Comparisons

Yumbox Original Bento Boxes are about the same size as:

Mepal Bento Lunchbox Take A Break Large are bigger and about the same size as:

Little Lunch Box Co. Bento 2 is smaller and about the same size as:

Are there any lunch products that we missed and you want to know more about? Let us know in the comments below!

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