What’s New at Well.ca?

FamilyWhat’s New at Well.ca?

What’s New at Well.ca?

Here at Well.ca, our merchandising team is always hard at work adding new and exciting brands to our site. Be sure to stay in the loop with all of the latest products at Well.ca by frequently visiting our What’s New section. Here are a few of the great new brands added to our assortment this week:

Baby & Kids

Como Tomo

The folks at Como Tomo wanted to create and design a brand new type of baby bottle that strayed away from the classic plastic bottle and instead mimicked the natural act of breastfeeding. Como Tomo bottles are made from 100% medical grade hygienic squishy and soft silicone. These bottles are both mommy inspired and baby approved!

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Food & Snacks


This Gluten-Free snack brand recognizes that the act of preparing fun, delicious, high quality snack foods for children with dietary restrictions can be difficult at best. Let them make your lives a little bit easier. Not only will your children love seeing these snacks in their lunch but their snacks will be just as cool (if not cooler) as their classmate’s snacks.

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23 Degrees Roastery

Based out of Toronto Ontario, this company creates one of the flavourful and smooth cups of coffee you will ever have. Not only is this brand Canadian, but they are also all natural, certified organic and certified fairtrade, it doesn’t get much better than that! 23 Degrees Roastery coffee comes in five different flavours including Mugshot, Sucker Punch, Liquid Mettle, Morning Star and Declawed decaffeinated. Each of these flavours range in strength from Light/Medium to Medium/Dark to Bold/Dark. There is a blend for everyone so no one should miss a freshly roasted cup of coffee from their hand-crafted roasts!

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If there are any brands that you would like to see on our site that we do not currently carry, please send an email to info@well.ca and let us know. We will do our best to add that brand to our selection.

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