What to Expect When You’re Expecting (From a Dad’s Point of View)

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (From a Dad’s Point of View)

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I’m sure you’ll hear people say that becoming a dad is very special. They’re so right! It’s such an amazing and special moment.

I became a new dad in July 2019 and there was so much going on with my partner (wife) and myself! We all have our own unique circumstances at home, with work, family, or friends leading up to the delivery day, but below are some ideas I think might be helpful for prospective dads!

So Many Baby Supplies!

There are areas we wanted to get prepared, like a room for the baby and baby-proofing other areas of your home. The items kept adding up! We found it useful to make a list and keep it front and center, and then cross them off once we finished. We have a chalkboard painted wall and made our list there, but you can use a notes app on your phone, or a paper stuck on your fridge!

 Baby Showers

If your partner has any ‘Baby Showers’ the gifts will accumulate! (This is good, you’re going to need pretty much everything). Take time from your schedule to get everything organized and put away before baby comes!

The Doctors Appointments

There are a number of these, and more than what I expected and in addition, the ultrasound appointments – I would recommend going to these – It was a great learning experience to hear about what is progressing and to ask questions!

The Pre-Natal Classes

Obviously pre-natal classes are important! I also recommend signing up for an infant CPR class! Some hospitals and locations offer a sequence of evening classes or a single weekend day class. We found taking the one-day on the weekend was easiest – with everything else going on we found allocating a single day was more manageable.

Your Partner’s Body Is Changing

As I’m sure you’ve heard women have different pregnancy experiences. You’ll see and hear from your partner that there’s a lot going on with their body. As each woman is different, they will have a different experience – this could be pains, sickness, tiredness, aversion to food (my wife ended up not being able to even smell chili or salsa yet alone eat it), food cravings etc. It’s important to be aware of this and to try and support your partner in these changes!

If you’re a new Dad, what are the things you wish you’d known? If you’re a prospective Dad, what are the things you want to know? Ask below!

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