What Are Functional Beverages?

FoodWhat Are Functional Beverages?

What Are Functional Beverages?

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We all know it’s important to stay hydrated but sometimes we want a drink that does more than simply quench our thirst. Whether you’re looking for a flavourful midday pick-me-up or a non-alcoholic alternative to help you unwind in the evening, the new generation of functional beverages offer options that taste great plus promise better-for-you benefits to boot.

What are functional beverages?

Functional beverages are drinks that offer added benefits, ranging from better sleep to healthier-looking skin. Also known as wellness drinks, some familiar examples of functional beverages include sports drinks that aim to replenish your body’s electrolytes and sleepytime teas designed to make it easier for you to nod off at night. From probiotic sodas to vitamin-filled juices and smoothies, there are more functional beverages available than ever before and they can have a variety of positive effects on your mind and body.

How do they work?

Functional beverage ingredients vary depending on the purpose of each drink, but they typically contain various herbs, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients — either naturally occurring or added — that are associated with potential health benefits. Many newly launched functional beverages also contain adaptogens, which are non-toxic plants that can help your body’s endocrine system adapt to stress.

Drinks to try

From caffeine-free alternatives that will perk up your attention to probiotic-packed drinks made to improve digestion, there’s a functional beverage for almost every kind of wellness goal.

For relaxation: Kite Unwind Ashwagandha Orange 

Made with certified organic tea and botanicals, this sparkling beverage features adaptogen herbs designed to help you chill out when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Its bright citrus flavours balance nicely with earthy notes of ashwagandha root. Kite Unwind is also vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free, and contains zero sugar. 

For complexion: Gldn Hour Collagen Sparkling Water 

Gldn Hour’s sippable sparkling waters contain hydrolyzed marine collagen, which is associated with stronger hair and nails, better skin elasticity, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains aloe vera to fight inflammation. These drinks are subtly flavoured and made with natural ingredients sourced within Canada.

For digestion: Remedy Organic Kombucha Ginger Lemon 

Kombucha contains live cultures that are linked to improved digestion and antioxidants that can combat cell damage. Remedy’s Ginger Lemon Kombucha also adds the stomach-soothing benefits of ginger. Like all of the brand’s drinks, it’s made in small batches and contains no sugar.

For bedtime: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao

This comforting hot chocolate-style drink promotes deeper sleep and helps you unwind in the evening before going to bed. Made with organic unprocessed cacao and reishi, it has a sweet, cinnamony flavour and is free of gluten and dairy.

For focus: Daydream Peach Ginger Sparkling Water 

Daydream’s sparkling waters are infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens like moringa, ginseng, and schisandra, which collectively work to enhance clarity and focus, as well as to reduce stress. This drink is free of sugar, chemicals, and caffeine and offers just the right amount of fruity flavour.

For energy: Toromatcha Sparkling Ginger 

Made with Japanese Uji matcha, ToroMatcha promises to deliver energy minus the jitters and caffeine crash. A better-for-you alternative to traditional energy drinks, ToroMatcha’s products leverage the slow-release caffeine found in green tea. They’re made in small batches with ingredients that are natural, organic, vegan, and free of sugar. 

What functional beverage are you loving? 

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