@vancitywild’s Wellness For the Whole Family

Family@vancitywild’s Wellness For the Whole Family

@vancitywild’s Wellness For the Whole Family

Meet Brie, Reuben, Ollie & Daisy  you may know them as the adventurous members of family @VancityWild! They are a West Coast family passionate about adventure, nature and family travel. We sat down with them to talk all things wellness, setting goals and their Well.ca must-haves for the best New Year yet! 

How Does Your Family Approach Goal Setting For The New Year? 

Every New Year, we set attainable goals to visit new places, try new outdoor activities, and set wellness milestones. It can be challenging travelling with a one year old and a five year old but it’s all about exploring more and pushing our limits the best we can with two little ones!

What Is Your Number One Goal Or Overall Intention For 2024?  

Get outside and move our bodies every single day, whether it’s a hike, a paddleboard, a bike ride, or even a walk around the block. Fresh air and exercise are important to our family to keep us healthy and happy!

What Does Wellness Mean To You? 

To us, wellness means balancing our adventurous spirit with moments of tranquility. It’s about maintaining both physical health and mental peace while listening closely to the needs of our bodies and minds. It can mean both exercising or slowing down, focusing on nutrition, or treating ourselves. Finding balance in our family is essential.

How Does Well.ca Help Your Family Stay On Track With Your Goals And Intentions? 

So many ways! Besides the convenience, ease of use of the website and the customer service, we shop at Well.ca for their eco-friendly and health-focused products. It aligns with our sustainable lifestyle. 

What Are Some Of Your Top Picks From Well.ca For The New Year? 


Organika Li’l Kids Multivitamin Spray

Although we do our best to ensure our one year old Daisy gets all the nutrients she needs from her meals, it’s nice to know we can ensure she’s getting adequate vitamins from this easy-to-use multi-vitamin spray. Perfect for travel too and good for ages 1-3.  



Baby Bum SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Bundle

We’ve used Baby Bum products on our kids since our five year old was a baby and we trust them through and through. Baby Bum spf 50 mineral sunscreen is our go to and it’s good for the whole family. It’s reef safe, gentle on sensitive skin AND doesn’t leave white marks!  



MadeGood Strawberry Granola Organic Bars

We’ve always loved Made Good products but especially love this flavour! Organic, allergen free, yummy and kid-approved – can’t ask for anything more. 



OmieLife OmieBox Bento Box Blue Sky

We’ve tried many bento boxes over the years, but this is by far our favourite. Cute design and colours that kids love, but we especially appreciate the fact that this bento box is hot and cold insulated with a thermos insert for hot food, and separate compartments for cold foods. Genius. The key to a litterless lunch! 



YETI Roadie 24 Cooler Cosmic Lilac

We’re particularly excited about one of our recent splurges from well.ca – a Yeti Cooler! It’s perfect for our family road trips and day trips to the beach – keeping our kids’ meals and drinks cool during long days. This cooler has become an essential part of our adventure gear!


What Would A Perfect Day Look Like for Your Family?  

We’d start our morning (after a long and uninterrupted sleep!) with fresh coffee and a hearty breakfast, followed by fresh air and a sunny walk on our favourite in beach in Victoria. We love nature but we also love city life, so lunch might look like finding a new cafe with delicious baked goods! A perfect day on the west coast wouldn’t be complete without a walk through one of our old growth rainforests. Our evening would be filled with board games, great conversations with friends and sweet treats, and we’d fall asleep to the sound of waves outside our window. 

And Finally, What Is One Mantra You Live By That You’d Love To Pass On To Your Followers?

Live boldly, but tread lightly on the Earth. It’s our mantra that guides us in both adventure and everyday life.

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