Well.ca’s Green & Natural Assortment Explained!

Sustainable LivingWell.ca’s Green & Natural Assortment Explained!

Well.ca’s Green & Natural Assortment Explained!

In celebration of Earth Month 2024, we sat down with Julia Finnigan, Well.ca’s Personal Care buyer to find out more about one of the largest categories at Well.ca – our Green & Natural assortment!

What Is The Green and Natural Category?

When selecting products for our Green & Natural category, we consider various factors such as the brand’s mission statement, manufacturing process, ingredients and packaging.  By focusing on these aspects and keeping up to date on current market and social media trends,  we can ensure that the products we onboard and offer align with the growing preference for eco-responsible brands.

Far from being a small niche market, the Green & Natural category now encompasses roughly half of the over 40,000 items offered at Well.ca, and spans a diverse array of product types, ranging from clean beauty, organic and natural food and baby essentials, green cleaning, to sustainable personal care items.

In Personal Care specifically, we often see a significant presence of Green & Natural products in the hair care, deodorant, and feminine care categories as customers look to make changes in their daily care routines. This incredible variety allows customers to explore different brands in the green and natural space and choose the products that are right for them. Whether it’s through clean ingredients, refillable options, or compostable packaging, we’re dedicated to offering products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and greener future.

Here are just a few examples of innovative ways in which everyday products can reduce packaging and waste:


KIIMA Refillable Deodorant Applicator & Deodorant Refill Bundle




The Unscented Company Dish Refill Box




Good Juju Laundry Detergent Strips Lavender Bloom




Guests on Earth All-Purpose Cleaner Kit Dunes at Dusk




As Earth Day approaches, our commitment to providing Green & Natural products continues to grow to help tip the scale towards a greener future. That commitment extends to every step of the process – all our orders are shipped in recycled-content boxes and tape, and filled with paper and biodegradable liner bags.

Our extensive product offering, combined with our focus on market trends, makes Well.ca a go-to destination for anyone looking to make more sustainable choices in their day to day lives.

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