85 Uses for Coconut Oil

Beauty85 Uses for Coconut Oil

85 Uses for Coconut Oil

uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil has recently emigrated from the kitchen cupboard and taken up dual citizenship as a beauty and wellness product that can do just about anything.

From moisturizing the skin to soothing bug bites, coconut oil is an all-natural powerhouse! Read on for eighty five amazing uses for this versatile oil.


1. Bath oil
2. Treatment for lice (combine with apple cider vinegar)
3. Antibacterial skin cream
4. Bum cream/diaper cream
5. Eye makeup remover
6. Hair growth stimulant
7. Heal injury or infection on skin faster
8. Intensive hair conditioner (leave on for several hours/overnight)
9. Soothe irritated nipples while nursing
10. Kill yeast or yeast infection
11. Treatment for thrush
12. Lightens age spots
13. Make your own toothpaste
14. Bug repellent (mix with catnip, rosemary or mint essential oils)
15. Body scrub (mix with equal parts sugar)
16. Removes dry skin on feet and elbows
17. Moisturizing eye cream
18. Natural deodorant
19. Personal lubricant (remember: oil breaks down latex so use non-latex condoms)
20. Pre-labour perineal massage oil
21. SPF-4 sunscreen
22. Clears up cold sores
23. Helps nails grow and prevents hangnails
24. Fights athlete’s foot
24. Defrizzes split ends
25. Post shave recovery
26. Shaving creme
27. Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
28. Reduces the itch of bug bites
29. Relives the pain of hemorrhoids
30. Alleviates dry skin on the inside of the nose during winter or allergy season
31. Lip balm
32. Soothes psoriasis or eczema
33. Helps heal ear infection
34. Can prevent swimmer’s ear if applied prior to swimming
35. Speeds healing of sunburn after initial heat is gone
36. Gets rid of cradle cap on infants
37. Soothes the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy
38. Keeps hair dye off forehead and ears during colour session
39. Tames fly-away hairs
40. Reduces dandruff
41. Helps dry eyes (apply a small dab in the corner of each eye at night)
42. Eyelash conditioner to encourage growth and strength
43. Mouthwash – add to warm water and swish
44. Massage cream for babies


45. Use in home made mayonnaise
46. Bake with it for brain-boosting snacks for kids
47. Add to smoothies to give a nutritional boost
48. Mix with equal parts chia seeds for an all-day energy boost
49. Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help sooth a sore throat
50. Better for high-temperature cooking than olive or vegetable oils
51. Season cast iron skillets or grill pans
52. Use on toast instead of butter
53. Add to ice cubes to flavour drinks
54. Preserve your uncooked eggs (brush it on…they stay fresher longer!)
55. Antacid substitute – infuse with cinnamon to alleviate heartburn
56. Helps to reduce belly fat (when eaten regularly)


57. Clean and condition all wood furniture (test a small area first)
58. Clean and sanitize mouth guards and mouth gear
59. Clean hands and paint brushes after using oil-based paints
60. Clean soap scum from shower doors or floor – spray with white vinegar after to remove oil
61. Clean, condition and sanitize wooden cutting board
62. Clean barbecue grills
63. Clean mascara brushes
64. Clean and add a glossy finish to indoor plants by wiping leaves with a small amount
65. Use externally for pets’ skin issues
66. As a “goo-gone” – mix with equal parts baking soda, apply to area and let set for a minute before scrubbing
67. Home made vapor-rub (mix with peppermint, cinnamon and eucalyptus oils)
68. Leather conditioner
69. Lubricate squeaky hinges and sticky mechanisms
70. Remove chewing gum from virtually anywhere
71. Replace other oils in play dough and Goo recipes
72. Unsticks stubborn zippers
73. Metal polish
74. Pre-wash for removing grease from hands
75. Clean and condition the inside of the car – rub on and wipe off
76. Keep dust from accumulating on Ceiling fans
77. Clean decorative snow from windows/mirrors
78. Stain remover – especially for silk and silk-type fabrics
79. Keep grass from sticking to lawn mower blades
80. Keep snow from sticking to snow shovel
81. Freeze melted coconut oil in muffin tins and use as hockey pucks
82. Clean crayon from blackboard or from the inside of the clothes dryer
83. Waterproof leather boots or shoes
84. Lubricate guitar strings
85. Jet fuel (yes…Virgin Atlantic Airlines actually did it)

How do you use coconut oil? Let us know in the comments below!

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