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I’ve been pregnant for 34 weeks already, and it seems like a blur.

How can it be so much different this time around? Well, if we’re being honest, the first 13 weeks were survival mode. Morning sickness, queasiness, and exhaustion, all with a toddler on the loose is no one’s idea of a picnic, and the middle section was packed with projects I was itching to get finished!

Now that we’re in the home stretch, the realization of what it’s really going to mean to have two (just) under two is setting in. I can imagine it’s going to be brilliant to have siblings so close in age, enjoying the same games, playing together, loving each other… and probably driving each other crazy. I’m not kidding myself. I’m pretty sure there are going to be my fair share of days where this whole deal is no picnic.

So, while I feel like I have a decent handle on the ‘bringing the baby into the world’ details this time around, I’m quickly realizing that I better get my game face on and wrap my mind around the ‘having two babies both in diapers and needing me full-time’ details. Which incidentally, can feel crazy overwhelming some days. How do you pack a diaper bag for two kids? How do I get them both strapped safely into a car? And how do I take them anywhere at the same time!?! What kind of giant stroller monstrosity will I need to be able to cart an infant and a wiggly toddler around with all their gear?!? (Cue me breathing into a paper bag…)

But then. Then I remember that I’ve been here before. I felt these same feels and asked these same questions (about having one baby… ha!) when I was pregnant with Emmett. You know, back when I had ample time to research the decisions I was making. I remember that I carefully and excitedly chose our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller with just this ‘what-if’ in mind, and I realize there’s an easy solution to one of my biggest concerns. The UPPAbaby VISTA RumbleSeat. (Cue me toasting my former self with a glass of ginger ale)

So, because this discovery just alleviated about 30,000 pounds of pressure when it comes to planning for baby number two, we’re sharing all the deets on this one in our classic ABC format (Affordability, Blueprint and Creativity for you newcomers!). Because it’s a game changer. So, here goes!


The UPPAbaby VISTA RumbleSeat retails for $279.99 – $299.99 CAD at our favourite online retailer Well.ca (If you haven’t checked them out, you need to! We did a sunscreen post a little while back that talks about just a few more of our favourite items from them). While this is a significant investment, no doubt, consider this – purchasing a new double stroller will cost you, on average, about $500, with many models costing hundreds more than that. So as far as double stroller options go, if you have a VISTA already, this is a super cost-friendly option!


Oh, the things we love about this… there are a lot. So, we’re going to run them down in a list for you and try to hit all our favourites!

  • The RumbleSeat is so easy to install. It literally clicks into place and functions exactly like the existing stroller seat. It reclines, has a giant sun shade, and can face both forwards or backward, making the configurations endless.
  • You can add the RumbleSeat onto your VISTA whether you’re using an infant car seat, bassinet, or the toddler seat. Again, endless combinations that adjust as your family grows!
  • The RumbleSeat fits kiddos from 3 months up to 35 lbs – so it has a good long life, even for those tired toddlers who still want a lift!
  • You don’t lose storage space in the bottom basket with the RumbleSeat on. We love this because inevitably we’re carting around snacks, toys and a stuffed diaper bag for any day out!
  • There’s sufficient space between the seats in all configurations with the RumbleSeat addition as-is, however, we’d recommend getting the Upper Adapters* if you’re getting the RumbleSeat. They add a few extra inches of precious space between the seats and can be used with all different seat configurations. Well.ca has them for $29.99, and it’s totally worth the small price tag in our opinion (think of the seat-kicking fights these bad boys will save!). We’ve taken a couple of shots of the stroller set up with and without the adapters so you can see the difference and make the call for yourself!

We put together a quick vid that shows some of these components in action – so you can check out the RumbleSeat live, and get a better understanding of just why we love it. Here you go!


We love the UPPAbaby VISTA RumbleSeat for all the reasons we’ve already mentioned, but what really sets this option apart for us is that it adds all the convenience of a second full stroller seat without making the stroller wider. If you live in the city like us, or if you’ve ever tried to push your stroller through a door or aisle basically anywhere, you’ll know right away this is a win. All the convenience, half the width, all the maneuverability. Just another reason we love it!

Happy strolling!

NOTE: We were provided the UPPAbaby VISTA RumbleSeat at no cost to use in this review, and yep! We really do think it’s this awesome. We’ll be using it everyday, and hope it’s helpful for you too!

*Please be advised that the recall on UPPAbaby RumbleSeat Adaptors does not apply to 2017 RumbleSeat Adapters. Details on the recall can be found here: https://ca.uppababy.com/rumbleseat-adapters/


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