Top Gifts As Chosen By Our Buyers

HolidayTop Gifts As Chosen By Our Buyers

Top Gifts As Chosen By Our Buyers

Our buyers are always finding new products to bring to And now they’ve picked their favourite items for the Holidays. We always aim to bring in more exciting products for you to love, and make gift giving as simple as possible during the hectic holiday season. While it was hard to choose from all of our amazing gifts and holiday sets, we’ve narrowed it down to our top ones. Happy shopping!

Farmhouse Biscuits 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Tin:

Farmhouse Cookie Tin Biscuit 12 Pack“This is my favorite gift to give this holiday season. Farmhouse Biscuits is an English company that prides itself on using traditional baking methods and recipes. These cookies taste delicious and come in a beautiful giftable tin box.”

– Caroline Maselli, Food Buyer


Santa’s Message Plate:

Child to Cherish Message plate“I love this keepsake item! It is the perfect gift to start making holiday traditions with your little ones. I bought one for my son two years ago and we always look forward to writing a message to Santa and leaving out cookies and celery and carrots for the reindeer.”

– Danielle Partington, Baby & Toys Buyer


S’well Bottle Glitter Collection

S'well glitter collection stainless steel water bottle sangria“I love love this S’well bottle! S’well bottles are awesome in general, and make perfect gifts, but this beautiful wine colour is stunning.”

– Kaitlyn Marshall, House & Home Buyer


642 Things To Draw

642 Things to Draw Sketchbook “Something a little different from colouring books with great drawing prompts. It’s offbeat, (drawing girlish laughter?) and endlessly entertaining, the inspirational sketchbook is perfect as a stocking stuffer.”

– Kaitlyn Marshall, House & Home Buyer


Forest Waves Candle Campfire

Forest and Waves Cabin Candle campfire scent“I’m so tickled by this candle. It comes from a great little Canadian company and this candle is really unique. The perfect Hipster gift, and yes, it does smell like a cabin in the woods.”

– Kaitlyn Marshall, House & Home Buyer


Hatley Baby Union Red Suit

Hatley Baby Red“It’s adorable and the cute little bum flap makes it even more adorable! And who doesn’t love plaid!”

– Angela McGregor, Baby & Kids Associate Buyer


Beba Bean Whistler Cardigan Grey

Beba Bean Whistler Cardigan Grey“Not only cute, it’s also practical and warm! It makes a great finish to any outfit.”

– Angela McGregor, Baby & Kids Associate Buyer


Beautyblender Pro On The Go Kit

beauty blender pro on the go“This is an amazing value — it comes with two beautyblenders!”

– Ashleigh Deline, Beauty Buyer



eos Limited Edition Holiday Pack:

eos Limited Edition Holiday Pack“eos lip balms are so fun, and perfect for keeping your lips moisturizer as it gets colder & drier outside.”

– Ashleigh Deline, Beauty Buyer


Barefoot Venus Vanilla Shake Bath Bliss

barefoot bath bliss This amazing Canadian company comes in a beautiful package that’s perfect for gift giving. And bonus, it smells DELICIOUS!

– Ashleigh Deline, Beauty Buyer


Bonus: Loved by the entire team:

We’ve had fun with these in the office and think you will enjoy too:

My Cinema Lightbox

My Cinema LightboxThis is the best new accessory to add to your  Instagram-worthy pictures. You can light it up or leave it as is, and customize the text. It’s so much fun.



Buck Naked Soap

Buck Naked SoapWe have all fallen for the Naked natural soaps. They’re vegan, and are made with exquisite ingredients like Dead Sea Mud and Rosemary!



Elia Reflect Ultrasonic Diffuser

d9b6212ccd6c76bd1cc104f2890da991_ra,w380,h380_pa,w380,h380We all love a great diffuser in the office. This one lasts for a long time, and lights up in different colours to keep you in a happy mood through the cold winter season while sending out a delightful mist in the air.  And it comes with 100% pure essential oil samples – Orange, Pay Attention, & Fight It.


NOW Essential Oils Let There Be Peace Pack

NOW Essential Oils let there be peace The NOW Solutions pack is such a great gift to give because the essential oil smells are so relaxing, and perfect for unwinding during the busy holiday season. You can’t go wrong with scents like Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint.



What are your favourite holiday picks? Comment below!

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