Nikhil’s Top 5 Supplements from | #5THINGS5ways

VideoNikhil’s Top 5 Supplements from | #5THINGS5ways

Nikhil’s Top 5 Supplements from | #5THINGS5ways


These are Nikhil’s top 5 supplements that he likes to take every morning. Nikhil is the VP of Finance here at, so he takes supplements in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle to help with busy work days. Here’s what he takes every morning to kick start his day!

Nikhil’s Top 5 Supplements:

  1. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega: Omega 3’s are great for improving brain health, and overall health. Nikhil takes two of these everyday to supplement the omega’s he gets in his diet. They’re great quality, and don’t leave an unpleasant fishy aftertaste.
  2. Adrien Gagnon Vitamin D: The next supplement Nikhil takes every morning is Vitamin D, which is especially important during long Canadian winters. This “bonus” bottle from Adrien Gagnon offers great value, because 180 softgels (1000 IU – the recommended daily dose) for $6.99 is a great deal!
  3. MegaFood Men’s One Daily Multi-Vitamin: Multivitamins are a great way to ensure your body is getting everything it needs. And this multivitamin from MegaFood is made from real, whole foods that the body can breakdown more easily – even on an empty stomach.
  4. Jamieson High Potency Echinacea: Nikhil likes taking this high potency echinacea during cold season, or as soon as he starts feeling run down. Jamieson is a great Canadian brand, and this supplement helps prevent common colds.
  5. Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: Finally, the last supplement in his morning routine is a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and lemon. It’s a great way to rebalance the pH in your stomach, and get everything ready for digestion.

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