Tips For Hosting the Perfect Holiday Dinner Party

HolidayTips For Hosting the Perfect Holiday Dinner Party

Tips For Hosting the Perfect Holiday Dinner Party

As winter’s chill settles in, the anticipation of hosting the perfect holiday dinner approaches. Whether you’re a seasoned host looking to elevate your gathering, or a first-timer feeling the pressure, we are here to help! With a curated selection from’s Home & Lifestyle buyer! In this blog post, we’ll unwrap five tips to help you navigate the art of holiday hosting with grace and flair.  


Tip #1: Decide a Colour Theme 

The first step is to decide the colour scheme of the party, to ensure all décor matches that theme. Since this dinner party will be used to celebrate the Holidays, the colours of green, cherry red, and silver or gold will be appropriate. If you’re on the hunt for plates that match this colour scheme, one great option are the FABLE Salad Plates in the colour Beachgrass Green 


Tip #2: Create a Signature Mocktail 

Create a signature cocktail or mocktail for the party that everyone can enjoy! One option is a festive spin on a Moscow Mule. Edna’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Company Mule is the perfect mixer for an alcoholic or non-alcoholic version of a Mule. If you’re looking for the perfect gold mug for the drink, Final Touch Moscow Mule Hammered Mug Copper is a great choice. Add a seasonal twist by incorporating flavours like cranberry or pomegranate. 


Tip #3: Set the Mood with Scent 

There’s nothing like smelling the holiday scents of pine, clove, cinnamon, and orange to get into the festivities. Our favourite pick is the Thymes Heritage Taper Candle Set in the scent Frasier Fir. Not only will this fill your home with their iconic holiday scent, but it can also be used as an additional décor piece at the table!  


Tip #4: Set a Picture-Perfect Table 

The most important part of any dinner party is of course the festive table. There are a few simple additions that will make your table the hit of the night. Firstly, a festive table runner can make all the difference, if you are hosting with a red and green colour scheme, the Now Designs Table Runner Winterbough is our choice. For a fun addition, you can also add festive cracker to each chair at the table for the diners to open at the end of the meal with a treat inside. Walpert’s Festive Crackers in Berries And Gold are a great option.  


Tip #5: Make Clean Up Easy and Festive!  

At the end of the night, keep the merry vibes rolling with festive cleaning products. Mrs. Meyers has multiple seasonal scents like Peppermint, Iowa Pine, and Snow Drop to choose from. Our personal favourite is their Dish Soap in the scent Peppermint. It not only cleans dirt and grime easily, but it also leaves a clean festive scent to enjoy.  


As the party wraps up, pat yourself on the back for pulling off a fantastic feast! Cheers to good food, good company, and many more stress-free holiday dinners in your future! Happy hosting! 

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