Three Ways to Support a Healthy Immune System in 2020

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Three Ways to Support a Healthy Immune System in 2020

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When it comes to our health, it’s critical to build a strong foundation. We love investing in nourishing meals, sticking to a sleep schedule, and finding time for exercise. However, with the chaos of 2020, it can be harder than ever to stick to these foundational tips.

How Chronic Stress Can Impact Your Immune System

The overwhelming changes we’ve experienced in 2020 can create a stress response that the body interprets as a threat. This puts us (and our immune systems!) on high alert. Normally these threats come and go, allowing our immune system to have a break. But thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, chronic stress can become the norm, depleting our body’s ability to defend itself.

Now let’s talk about three ways you can support a healthy immune system in 2020.

  1. Get Outside

One of the first things we like to ask ourselves is if we’re spending enough time outdoors. Spending time outside stimulates the production of vitamin D, a critical vitamin responsible for calcium absorption and a healthy immune system.

Without vitamin D, our white blood cells struggle to mature, which means they may not work as effectively as they could to protect us. Research has even shown that those with healthy levels of vitamin D get sick less often and recover faster!1 With tabs including the vegan A.Vogel Vitamin D, it is easy to meet the daily recommended allowance of this important nutrient.

  1. Fuel Your Immune System with Nutrients and Amino Acids

For many, meal prepping has become a thing of the past as families juggle their new routines. Ensure your family fuels their immune systems with nutrients and amino acids from a supplement like Bio-Strath.

It has the full spectrum of B vitamins and essential amino acids amongst the profile of 60+ nutrients. It also has decades of research to back its use in conditions such as ADD, immunity and to manage stress and fatigue2. This includes data showing how Bio-Strath increases the absorption of minerals, like iron and magnesium, by 6-10x the normal amount3.

Even when you don’t have time to cook you can make sure your family is getting their recommended daily nutrients.

  1. Reach for Echinaforce

 Echinaforce is a tried and true remedy to tackle colds and flus. Grown and harvested from the fields of Switzerland, the organic, fresh plants are processed into a clinically supported product. It’s been shown to reduce the need for antibiotics in children by 76%, shorten the length of a virus, and it can reduce symptom severity4. It can be used preventatively for up to four months and it’s safe for pregnant and breast-feeding people!

How will you be supporting a healthy immune system in 2020?


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