Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Back to School

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Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Back to School

Preparing kids for back to school is a big task, with checklists to go through and routines to establish. In the midst of all that preparation, some things might fall through the cracks. Here’s our list of back to school items you never knew you needed:

For Preteen & Kindergarten:

  • Luggage tag with address: For little ones who have yet to learn their address and phone number, a luggage tag for their backpack will be a lifesaver when their teacher asks. Just be sure to attach it to the inside of their backpack for privacy.
  • Second lunch bag and water bottle: Inevitably, your child may forget their lunch bag, water bottle, or snack containers at school. Be prepared with extra ones so that you won’t have to scramble.
  • Back-up snacks and drinks: For when there’s no time in your schedule for a trip to the grocery store, Made Good Granola Minis and Kinnikinnick KinniKritters Animal Cookies are great options for grab-and-go snacks.
  • Labels for all their belongings: Grab a set of Emily Press Labels to put an end to lost items or unintentional swaps with other children!
  • Change of clothes: It’s unfortunate if messes happen during your child’s first school experience, but there’s always a chance. Send them to school with a change of clothes so their teacher won’t have to scramble.
  • Rain jacket, boots & umbrella: Rainy days are bound to happen, so be prepared with a rain jacket, rain boots and umbrella at home.

For Grade School:

  • Back-up snacks and drinks: Made Good Granola Bars and home free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are perfect to grab on the go.
  • Second lunch bag and water bottle: No matter how hard you try to teach them, kids might forget their lunch packs. Or they may bring home the lunch bag without any of their containers inside! Be sure to pick up some extras just in case.
  • Labels for all their belongings: Emily Press has got you covered for preventing loosing lunch bag, water bottle, or backpack entirely!
  • Rain jacket, boots and umbrella: Have these items ready for grade school kids as well.
  • Gym clothes: Older kids may not need to keep a change of clothes at school, but they may need gym clothes! Don’t forget to be prepared for this.

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