New Moms Need These 11 Things

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New Moms Need These 11 Things

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Congratulations! Whether this is your first or not, mixed in with your overwhelming love and excitement is probably a bit of anxiety about what you’re going to need to have on hand at home so that you will be prepped and ready for that first (slightly crazy) month after the wee babe arrives.

After the aches and pains and difficulties and amazingness of pregnancy you will finally be home from the hospital (or settling in after your home birth). Will you be prepared? What you need that first month is very specific. These 11 things are what our expert Baby Buyer Anke personally recommends that you have on hand for yourself (yes, you!). Most lists we’ve seen about what you need to make sure to have are things for baby. We have that list as well of course, but below is our list of items you are not going to want to be without during those first few weeks.

11 Things Every New Mom Needs:

New Mom Maternity Pads

NutraCare New Mother Maternity Pads: Make sure you pack these in your hospital bag, because as soon as you’re done with the labour and delivery portion of the baby birthing festivities, these babies will your new BFFs.  They’re made from pure, high-quality materials and are designed just for new moms.


Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

Belly Bandit Original Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap: Made for the savvy, no-nonsense mom on a belly busting mission, it’s simple, economical and effective. Also great for women who have had a Caesarean—for the support it gives the abdominal muscles when it’s time to get up and about.


Anointment Natural Skin Care Post-Partum Bath Herbs: Midwives & OBGYNs recommend sitz baths to promote healing and comfort after giving birth. Conveniently packaged in single-use bags, there’s no need to wipe down the tub after use – simply steep the herbs in the hot water and all mom has to do is sitz in it!. A great way to have a warm, soothing and restorative bath after childbirth.

Earth Mama Organics Perineal Balm: Relief is a rub away with this cooling, soothing, all-natural balm that will help ease the discomfort of soreness, swelling, tears episiotomies and hemorrhoids that are common for new moms and mamas to be. Store it in the fridge and apply often. You’ll be sitting pretty in no time!

Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and/or the Nursing Cami: a nursing bra or cami made of silky-soft breathable fabric that’s flexible and adapts to your changing cup size while still retaining its support.

Matter Company Substance Nipple Creme:  Nipples can get sore during breastfeeding, leading to chapping, cracking and pain. This lanolin-free balm is made with calendula, marshmallow root, witch hazel, and olive and grapeseed oils to help moisturize and soothe sore nipples.  Bonus — it can also be used on chapped lips, noses and cheeks (and is safe for baby if ingested).Breast Thermopads

Philips AVENT Breastcare 2-in-1 Thermopads: Used warm, these can help stimulate milk flow before breastfeeding. Just warm them up by immersing them in a bowl of hot water! Pop them in the fridge or freezer  to help soothe sore or engorged breasts.


Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: The #1 choice of Lactation Consultants, this pillow supports the baby directly up to the breast making it easier to achieve the perfect latch every time. It also supports mom to sit up straight, preventing strain on the shoulders, back and neck.


Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads: These pads offer effective, discreet protection from leakage with a special absorbent and stay-dry lining to draw milk away and into the core of the pad. They maintain their form and smooth shape even with a heavy flow so you get all of the protection and none of the bulk.


Medela Pump in Style Double Breastpump: Whether you’re heading back to work or just out for the evening (and leaving your critter with a sitter), most new mamas eventually need a break from breastfeeding. Enter the breast pump.


Did we miss something that you couldn’t live without as a new mom? Let us know in the comments!

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