These 6 Health Podcasts will Change Your Life – Staff Picks!

WellnessThese 6 Health Podcasts will Change Your Life – Staff Picks!

These 6 Health Podcasts will Change Your Life – Staff Picks!

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Whether you’re going for a walk, want to liven up your commute, or are looking for an alternative to rewatching your fave Netflix show, you should totally consider a podcast!

There are all kinds of podcasts out there, so there’s one for you! Find one to laugh with, learn pretty much anything, motivate yourself, or, like us, listen to podcasts to boost your health!

We’re all about wellness (duh) so we asked our team for their favourite health podcasts, and these are their picks!

  1. Sarah’s Day

Loved by Sam, Merchandising Planner

Why I love it: The Health Code podcast is my favourite way to start off the week. Sarah and Kurt are the perfect combination of relatable and knowledgeable and It’s physically impossible to listen to one of their podcasts and not be in a good mood by the end. They’re so positive and full of information, and every week they talk about something new. They cover everything from meditation to acupuncture and breast feeding to workout advice. If you’re interested in health and wellness, this one is a must listen!

  1. Rich Roll

Loved by Danielle, Food & Snacks Buyer

Rich Roll’s journey into a plant based lifestyle is so inspiring! I love the special guests he feature’s because they bring so many different perspectives on health and wellness, and I usually learn something new from every episode. I have been listening to this podcast since going vegan to learn more about the lifestyle (over 5 years ago), and I have been an avid listener since!

  1. Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes

Loved by Amanda, Lead Designer

I’m obsessed with this podcast! Jen is breaking down the barriers and misconceptions of mental health, especially those in the workplace. It is so refreshing to hear someone be so open and honest about their journey through depression and anxiety.  Some of my favourite episodes are “How to be Resilient”, “How I Got Better (After Hitting My Lowest Low)” and “I Cry At Work”. Never taking herself too seriously, Jen (a Founder & CCO), is an amazing advocate for mental health!

  1. The goop Podcast

Loved by Erin, CMO

This is the ultimate health and lifestyle podcast! Gwyneth Paltrow and goop’s CCO sit down with all kinds of interesting people to talk about everything and anything! It’s great if you like a lot of variety in your day to day, it’s amazing to hear from all kinds of people, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from industry leaders!

  1. Sleep with Me

Loved by Megan, Merchandising Associate

One of my favourite podcasts is Sleep with Me, hosted by Drew Ackerman. In each episode, Ackerman tells a story that is meant to distract listeners while simultaneously lulling them to sleep. This podcast is designed with those who struggle with insomnia or trouble sleeping in mind. I love that his stories are engaging enough to distract my racing mind but don’t captivate me too much that I stay awake long enough to hear the ending. Whenever I’m tossing and turning, this podcast really does the trick and helps me to fall asleep!

What’s your favourite health podcast?

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