The Wellness Drinks We’re Reaching For Now That We’re Home 24/7

FoodThe Wellness Drinks We’re Reaching For Now That We’re Home 24/7

The Wellness Drinks We’re Reaching For Now That We’re Home 24/7

flat lay of matcha latte on a coaster surrounded by dark green leaves, a hand reaches in to grab the latte

As we create new routines and find ourselves home all hours of the day, now is the perfect time to try all of those wellness trends you’ve seen on your Instagram feed. Why not start with wellness drinks, here are some of our faves we think you should try! 

When You’re Stressed

Adaptogens help your body adapt to stress.  During these uncertain times, reach for an adaptogen infused drink to feel calm and at ease. 

Daydream Cucumber Lime Sparkling Water is infused with hemp seed oil, schisandra, moringa, and ginseng. Not only is this the most beautiful packaging we’ve ever seen, but it will help your body adapt to stress and keep you focused.

KITE Unwind Sparkling Tea is a refreshing sparkling tea infused with ashwagandha and moringa, great for any time of day. Because it’s sparkling tea, not water, it’s full of flavour. There’s really nothing else like it!

When You’re Tired

In my world, iced coffee is always a good idea! Below are a few of my favourites.

Two Bears Flash Brew Black coffee is a delicious, well-rounded cold brew that’s great on its own, over ice, or with a little milk and sweetener. When coffee is brewed cold, it creates a naturally sweet and smooth taste that you’ll love! It also comes in a super convenient can, perfect for that morning java kick! 

If you’re looking to add wellness benefits to your morning coffee, add collagen powder. Collagen is great for joint health, hair, skin, and nails! The Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer is easy to add to your coffee and comes in vanilla and coconut.  

Not everyone loves coffee as much as I do, but there are so many other morning “pick me up” drinks out there, like matcha! Matcha allows for endless creativity. You can enjoy it as a tea, on its own, in a smoothie, or my personal favorite, in a latte! When you don’t have time to froth the matcha and steam the milk a great grab and go option is ToroMatcha Matcha Latte.  Made with oat milk and infused with nitrogen, it’s creamy, smooth and provides long lasting energy!  

When You Need an Afternoon Pick Me Up

Despite working from home, that 3pm slump still hits hard and sometimes a sweet beverage is the perfect pick me up.

My go-to is GoodDrink Iced Teas, especially the GoodDrink Peach Tea with Apple flavour. It’s super refreshing with a great natural tea flavour!

When I’m in the mood for something with less sugar, flavoured sparkling water hits the spot! There are so many different brands, but I love Cawston Press Rhubarb Sparkling Water.  Its blended with pressed fruit and no added sugar so it is a bit sweeter than some others but you can’t beat the natural fruit flavour in this one! 

When You’re Ready for Bed

When its time to wind down, add a wellness boost with Organika’s Soothe Magnesium Citrate powder. It’s a deliciously fizzy way to get your daily dose of magnesium. The Watermelon and Lime powder mixes easily with water and provides relaxation support to the body and mind.  It’s the perfect wellness drink before bedtime!

What wellness drinks are you loving? 

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