The Team Shares the Simple Self Care Rituals We’re Doing at Home

WellnessSelf CareThe Team Shares the Simple Self Care Rituals We’re Doing at Home

The Team Shares the Simple Self Care Rituals We’re Doing at Home

Whether it’s a daily walk or an extra cup of coffee, there are so many (all valid!) ways to practice self care. Today our team is sharing some of the simple rituals they’re doing to feel calm and grounded.

1. Virtual Coffee Dates

Loved by Emily, Marketing Associate

Every morning I have a virtual coffee date with two friends. We meet before we start work in the morning to catch up on everything from how we’re feeling to the funny memes we’ve seen! It’s a great way to start each morning with a burst of positivity and social interaction and it gives me the energy to start my day off on the right foot.

2. Morning Dog Walks

Lauren, Merchandising Associate

My morning ritual has been to walk my dog as soon as I wake up (around 7am). My dog loves walks and he knows to meet me by the front door in the morning. It’s so quiet outside that early and it’s a nice time to take for myself before starting the day.

3. Unique IGTV Workouts

Loved by Kathy, Email & CRM Specialist

I’ve been starting my day with this high-energy 15-min session of Kinrgy on IGTV. This new brand of cardio combines dance and meditation with an emphasis on connecting with the elements. It’s a little out there, and I’m not very good at it yet, but the short burst of energy first thing in the morning helps get my blood pumping and my energy up!

4. Indulgent Skincare Rituals

Loved by Lisa, Beauty & Skincare Buyer

I like to combine some of my evening beauty rituals with a no electronics moment to create a peaceful sanctuary before bedtime. I either indulge in a hydration face mask while soaking in a scented bath or spend extra time with my face roller and serum. A face roller not only has great skincare benefits but it’s also such a relaxing moment – a massage for your face!

5. Meditation

Loved by Christina, Merchandise Assistant

Meditation is a huge part of my daily self care ritual. Meditation quiets my mind and allows me to look inward so I can see where certain thoughts, feelings, and emotions are coming from and how to address them. It’s been more helpful than ever during uncertain times like these. I use the Daily Calm app and highly recommend it as there is something for everyone, even kids!

6. Moving Every Day

Loved by Nicole, VP of Merchandising

I like to practice self care by exercising in some way every day. Running or working out really helps with my energy levels and mood. Another thing I’ve taken up doing during this time is making a healthy smoothie every morning. I blend almond milk and greens like spinach and avocado with whatever fruit we have on hand, usually apple, pineapple, or frozen fruit! I also add coconut oil and Organika Collagen. This is a new ritual and really makes me feel like I’m getting lots of immune boosting nutrients and taking care of myself during this time.

What are some of your simple, at-home self care rituals?

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