The Plastic Free July Essentials

Sustainable LivingThe Plastic Free July Essentials

The Plastic Free July Essentials

It’s Plastic Free July and what perfect timing! As we find ourselves in the middle of one of the hottest summers ever, there’s no better time to talk about what we can do to give the Earth a breather.

With that said, it gets kinda heavy when you literally carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. But small steps matter! Simply swapping out a single-use plastic in your home for a more sustainable option is the little that can go a long way. Not sure where to start? Here are some of my plastic free faves!

Bottle None Be TAME Travel Case Soap Dish Set

This plastic free find tops my list as the absolute perfect product to accommodate my love of travel and love for hair care!

I am OBSESSED with travelling! I love everything about it…except the tiny hotel bathroom products that leave my hair feeling dry and scratchy. This means that I usually get stuck carrying a bunch of bulky hair care bottles on each trip that aren’t exactly suitcase friendly, nor earth friendly for that matter.

Bottle None’s be TAME Travel Case Soap Dish Set is literally the answer to my prayers! The shampoo and conditioner bars are packed with beautifully moisturizing ingredients AND it comes in a lightweight*, reusable carrying case made from recycled materials.

*”lightweight”, also read as: I can now pack an extra 3 pairs of shoes in my suitcase!!

No Tox Life Zero Waste Dishwashing Block

Not only does this dishwashing block eliminate the last reason we had for single-use plastic in the kitchen, but it minimizes your washing waste by limiting the amount of cleanser you use. I mean, who hasn’t accidentally squeezed LIKE HALF THE BOTTLE of dishwashing liquid onto their sponge by mistake? Yeah, me too. But thankfully, that’s no longer an issue!

Also, big bonus points to this dishwashing block for being as multi-purpose as it is cute (seriously, check out that minimalist vibe!). Try out these super suds on your laundry, carpet stains, or washing down the counters.

Stasher Reusable Storage Bag

It’s a snack holder. It’s a makeup bag. It’s literally everything! It can be whatever you want it to be, and you can take it wherever you need to go.

I love using mine to hold my reusable straws so that I’m always prepped and ready to boycott the plastic straw. When I’m out and about, I don’t always have access to a sink to wash my straw right after using it. With my Stasher, I just throw my straw back in this little pouch and keep going! This way, I don’t have to keep awkwardly carrying my straw around for the rest of my outing, I can wash it when I get home, and I know it’s not going to make a mess of the inside of my purse!

Also, it’s dishwasher safe, because why would we buy anything that’s not?

 Crush and Brush Mint Toothpaste Tablets

Oral hygiene plays a big role in our everyday lives, but honestly? It’s really been lacking in the sustainability department. Plastic toothbrushes, plastic toothpaste tubes, enough is enough!

Crush and Brush Mint Toothpaste Tablets are the refresh we’ve been waiting for! Packed in a glass jar, these perfectly portioned toothpaste tablets keep your breath fresh and your pearls white! They also give a big old minty kiss goodbye to single-use plastics and the annoying and kind of impossible task of trying to squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Instead, just pop one of these tablets in your mouth, crush it with your teeth, wet your toothbrush and get to it!

Well Kept Safety Razor

Ok so it’s not just our traditional toothpastes that are the problem…honestly the whole bathroom needs a serious sustainable update.

If you’re looking to green your grooming space, Well Kept’s Safety Razor is a smooth step in the sustainable direction. The body of the razor is made from brass, which means that it’s basically going to last forever! AKA this no-waste, long-lasting razor is a major friend of the Earth, and will also squash your disposable razor budget in the long run. You’re welcome!

Flip & Tumble Produce Bags

“But plastic produce bags are free at the grocery store. They’re literally right there for you to take!”. Listen, I know it and you know it. We can do better than wrapping our healthy goodies in gross plastic. Using a breathable, mesh reusable produce bag is a small step that you can take to do some good for the Earth while you’re making good choices for your tummy.

These bags even end up paying for themselves because they can help your produce last longer in your fridge! The tiny holes in the mesh of the bags will allow your produce to breathe while they’re stored, keeping them from spoiling!

What are your plastic free favourites?

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