The Ultimate Vegan Omega Round Up

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The Ultimate Vegan Omega Round Up

vegan sources of omega 3

You might have heard the basics of omegas: they’re anti-inflammatory agents in the body that are known for their heart healthy benefits. And you probably know that they usually come from fish. But did you know that there is a variety of vegan Omega-3 supplements available? This is exciting news for those following a plant-based diet or those who don’t like the infamous “fishy aftertaste” of traditional fish oils. Check out my round up of the best Vegan Omega-3 Supplements:

  1. Love gummy vitamins? Check out Herbaland Plant-Based Omega-3 Gummies. They’re orange flavoured and because they’re made from flaxseed oil, don’t have a fishy taste!
  2. Looking for Organic? Try Genestra Organic Vegan EFA Liquid. This pineapple-flavored product blends flaxseed, hempseed, pumpkinseed, black cumin seed, and coconut oils into one powerful source of Omeag-3s fatty acid ALA.
  3. Looking to try new flavours? Try NutraSea NutraVege Extra Strength Lemon. Derived from sustainable sourced algae, this extra-strength product is great for those with higher Omega-3 needs. It’s lemon flavoured but also comes in Cranberry Orange.

How Can I Naturally Get Omegas in My Diet?

Did you know you can also get omega-3s from your diet? Try adding foods such as chia seeds, hemp hearts, flax seeds to your diet. They work well together in recipes such as these cacao protein balls or this superfood oatmeal.

Do you take vegan Omega-3 supplements? Comment below your favourite!


  • Monica K

    The hemp oil capsules you recommend in #3 contain gelatin, which is not vegan.

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