The Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Hospital Bag

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Hospital Bag

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The day is fast approaching, or maybe it’s already come and gone. And chances are, you’ve made some lists along the way of what you need. Is your hospital bag good to go? Is the house prepared for when you get home? Is the nursery set up?

Well, we thought we’d run through those lists for you in one go-to resource. Our employees have an impressive collective resume when it comes to child-rearing (not to mention our network of customers, experts, and brands helping to guide our every move), and so today we’re sharing our faves for your hospital bag!

And bonus-these items are eco-friendly and obviously very much baby-friendly, so that’s one more thing you can check off your list.

Your Hospital Bag

Woman: arm yourself. You’re about to embark on a fantastic and daunting journey and you’ll need all the help you can get, and not just from friends and family. Here are a few things that you should pack in your hospital bag to ensure this part of the journey goes off without too many hitches (and to spoil yourself-just a little), like swaddles, a baby hat, a sleeper and a few things to make breastfeeding and recovery a little easier on you.

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Ensuring your hospital bag has all the essentials will make your delivery go more smoothly!


1. The bag: First, you’ll need a bag that will hold everything. If you don’t have one, might we suggest Lassig’s Glam Diaper Bag? It’s functional and stylish and holds a veritable ton of necessities. Lay everything out on the dining room table or on your bed (or the floor!) and then start packing for the big day. Keep this bag ready and waiting so you won’t forget anything when you waddle-quickly-out the door in a contraction-induced, excitable panic.

2. Swaddles & sleepers: As much as we adore those wee pink and blue striped flannel blankets from the hospital, we suggest packing a few of your own. Aden + Anais makes blankets that are beautiful, light, versatile and durable. In addition to a swaddling blanket or two, you’re likely going to want to have a sleeper and hat in your bag. Snugabye’s adorable sleeper pairs perfectly with Juddlies Newborn Cap , and both are perfect for baby’s first excursion home (and totally photo-op appropriate).

3. Breastfeeding gadgets: If you’re going to breastfeed (and you will most definitely be encouraged to do so), be sure to pack a nursing bra like this one from Bravado Designs, made from seamless, soft, and stretchy fabric that’s comfortable to wear all day and virtually invisible under clothing. Straps unclip at the shoulder to give baby full access to your breast, providing you and your baby skin-on-skin contact.

Something you may not have even thought about is nursing pads. These disposable pads from Lansinoh offer effective, discreet protection from leakage. In addition, knowing that breastmilk is really like liquid gold, you might want to spoil yourself with an aptly named “Milkies” Milk-Saver. This patented little device collects any leaking breast milk as you nurse-storing it effortlessly with each feeding. And don’t forget a little jar of nipple butter like this one from Earth Mama Organics . It’s vegan, totally safe for mom and babe, and soothes any dry or cracked skin-from nipples and elbows to fingers and toes!

4. Self-care products: Don’t forget to pamper yourself…and by pamper, we really mean take care of your body post-baby-delivery craziness. Try the Postpartum Recovery Kit from Anointment, with its tiny jars of “bottom balm” (for you, not baby), nipple butter and postpartum bath herbs…if we could send a box to every single newly minted mom out there, we would. And of course, a peri bottle is a must have! The Momwasher from Fridet is way better than the squirt bottle the hospital supplies. It’s specially designed to make your post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier-so you’re back to baby faster.

5. Diapers & Wipes: Last but certainly not least-diapers and wipes!

What are you planning on packing in your hospital bag? Help other parents out and comment below!

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