The Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Diaper Bag

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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Diaper Bag

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A lot of moms struggle with the idea of owning a diaper bag; partly because the thought of both owning and carrying around a purse AND a diaper bag seems completely unnecessary. But it isn’t.

Just find one that will also fit your phone, wallet and car keys and you’re good to go and you won’t ruin your gorgeous pre-baby purse (and you can still use it when dad is carrying the diaper bag…or when you go out sans babe). You’ll need:


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The diaper bag essentials!

1. The bag: Diaper bags are designed differently than purses. When you have to pack so many things, you need pockets and space because, let’s be honest, an organized diaper bag makes for a very happy mama. Most have insulated pockets for your littles one’s food too, which is a must. What purse has that? Also, pockets on the outside are a lifesaver for quick grabs (which can be literal life savers). If you didn’t dig our first suggestion under Your Hospital Bag, try the gorgeous Diaper Bag by Freshly Picked-designed for moms, by moms through focus groups that identified what moms really want in a diaper bag: large capacity, ease of use, durability, and style.

2. Diapers & wipes: In that bag, you obviously need a few diapers and wipes. Enough said on those, since we covered them yesterday, except to mention that a sealable case for your wipes is a helpful diaper bag addition.

3. Portable change pad: When you do need to change baby, you’re going to want a change pad, and Logan and Lenora’s Simple Change Pad in adorable prints (check out Palmtastic or Lashes) is perfectly sized and has a hidden magnet closure so that it folds into a perfect clutch. It’s also made with toxin free performance fabrics, perfect for Mommyhood.

4. Bum cream: You gotta have it. But not just any old bum cream: this zinc-based Baby Bottom Butter from LOVEFRESH is perfect for soothing baby’s bottom and helping to create a moisture barrier.

5. Wet/dry bag: When you’re out and about, you’ll be happy for somewhere to put wet diapers (or other dirty clothes) that’s separate from everything else. This waterproof bag does just that, with two handy sections for clean or dirty clothes or diapers.

6. Bib: Feeding on the go takes a bit of practice, so having a bib to catch or wipe up spits and spills is a must. You can’t go wrong with these bandana-style bibs from aden + anais-fashion-forward arrows and 100% cotton muslin (with is extra absorbent) keeps baby stylishly clean. They also have multiple snaps to allow them to expand with baby’s growth.

7. Teether: Teething is, unfortunately, a necessary evil that must be endured. It can cause many symptoms ranging from a wee bit of drool to tons of drooling, crying, fever and pain. A teether that they can grab and chew on when they need relief is a great thing to have in a diaper bag, or even clipped onto their sleeve, the stroller or their jacket. This Flamingo Teether from Glitter & Spice is perfect for little hands and mouths and it is textured on both sides to provide maximum relief for your little one’s sore teething gums.

8. Sleeper:
A side-zip sleeper like this one from Kushies is perfect to keep in your diaper bag because the full-length zip makes it really easy to get on in a hurry-or get off in an emergency. And stripes are just so in this year for the under 9-month set.

9. Bottle: A bottle is a must-have in your bag if you’re not breastfeeding. Just in case you need to dash off and someone else is feeding the wee one, having the bottle that is referred to as “Breastfeeding in a Bottle” just makes sense. Como Tomo has designed this bottle to naturally mimic breastfeeding as much as possible and they are mom-inspired and obviously baby approved!

10. Hand sanitizer: A small bottle of hand sanitizer certainly doesn’t go amiss in anyone’s bag, diaper or otherwise. Everyone sanitizers are 99.9% effective against common germs and not made with any nasty chemicals. Only the subtle scent of lemon essential oil and coconut extracts are left behind-no sticky, stinky residue.

What do you keep in your diaper bag? Let us know below!

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