The Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Everyone Will Love

FoodThe Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Everyone Will Love

The Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Everyone Will Love

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Good weather goes hand in hand with a refreshing cocktail! But alcohol might not be your vibe, and that’s cool. Non-alcoholic cocktails are just as refreshing and fun to make! Here are some of my favourite mock-tails. 

To start off, there are tons of non- alcoholic spirits and beer on the market these days. A few that I’m loving are Sobrii Non-Alcoholic Gin, Seedlip Distilled Spirits and Partake Brewing Craft Beer. These non-alcoholic spirits are distilled the same way that regular spirits are, giving them aromatic flavours without added sweeteners. 


A brunch classic loved by all and so easy! 

Fill a flute glass half way with Gruvi Prosecco and top with equal parts orange juice. Garnish with some fresh raspberries. 

Moscow Mule

A refreshing summer drink that can be super festive when served in the classic copper mug! A perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

Fill a copper mug or a glass of your choice with ice. Pour in Seedlip Garden and lime juice. Fill the glass with ginger beer and gently swirl it with a spoon to mix. Top with a lime wedge to garnish!


This is one is great for sharing as it makes four servings! 

Prepare the limeade mixture or squeeze fresh lime juice in a serving jug. Stir in the beer and Seedlip, and set aside. Dip the top of each glass in water and use a lime wedge to coat the top, then roll the rim in coarse salt. Add ice to the glass and top with Beer-garita mixture, and lime wedge.  Enjoy! 

Gin + Tonic

As simple and delicious as it gets! 

Fill your cocktail glass with ice, add 1oz of Sobrii Gin, top with Tonic Water, and a lime wedge and serve! 

How are you enjoying your favourite non-alcoholic sips? Tell us in the comments below!



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