The New Breastfeeding Essentials You Definitely Need

FamilyThe New Breastfeeding Essentials You Definitely Need

The New Breastfeeding Essentials You Definitely Need

Mother Breastfeeding on a bed

We all know breastfeeding is a great way to feed your little one. But while it’s full of benefits, it’s not always a walk in the park. Luckily, there are so many resources and tools available!

Recently launched, Medela has developed a superstar lineup of new, innovative, and supportive products for every step of your breastfeeding experience!

Safe & Dry Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

First up are Medela’s Safe & Dry Ultra-thin Disposable Nursing Pads. These pads were created to adapt to mom’s needs throughout her breastfeeding journey!

These pads are a discreet way to protect from leaks! They were designed to have a slender, oval shape that fits much better than most pads. They’re made with a polymer core to ensure they stay absorbent and there’s a waterproof back layer and a flexible leak guard to ensure you stay dry. Did we mention they’re hypoallergenic?

Last but definitely not least is the new wide adhesive strips! They’re simple to use while ensuring the pad stays in place as you move through your day!

A Supportive Belly Band for Beyond

When you’re pregnant, you might experience back pain and discomfort. I mean…you’re growing a human. Discomfort is to be expected. But you shouldn’t be in pain. If you are we encourage you to talk to your doctor first (that’s always a good idea!). If they recommend a belly band, the Medela Supportive Belly Band is an amazing option.

It has breathable material, reinforced panels, and it can be worn in the first or second trimesters! The stretchy fabric continues to adjust to your changing body and it will provide support before and after your delivery. It’s even been tested and certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 requirements to ensure the materials are free from harmful substances and chemicals!

New & Improved Contact Nipple Shields

Did you know that trouble with sucking or latching is the number one reason why people stop breastfeeding?1 It’s true!

That’s why nipple shields are one of the most useful breastfeeding tools. We’ve made ours available in a two pack to make it easier for you to shop! You’ll also be happy to know that they now have a carrying case so you don’t lose them.

The Contact Nipple Shields are designed to address common issues like latch-on difficulties, soreness, and flat or inverted nipples. Moms can use them to enable breastfeeding, without interruption, until these problems are resolved. They’re made with ultra-tin, soft silicone and they’re available in three sizes! With these tools, sore and cracked nipples will be a thing of the past!

At last! Medela has a Maternity & Nursing Pillow!

Now, if you were under the impression that Medela always had a nursing pillow, you’re not the only one! Believe it or not, this is our very first, and as you might expect, it is the best! (Winky face!). Medela’s Maternity & Nursing Pillow is an everyday companion, providing comfort and support from pregnancy to birth and beyond! This pillow was designed for wrapping around the body while resting or sleeping during pregnancy, holding baby securely while breastfeeding, or keeping mom comfortable when pumping. It has a moon shape design for full body support, it keeps mom cool and comfortable, and it’s super-flexible! It’s made with a removable, 100% pure cotton cover that’s both durable and breathable! Not to mention it’s also Okeo-Tex® certified!

We hope these breastfeeding tools make your experience a great one! Have you tried Medela’s new essentials products? What is your favourite? Please share in the comments below!


1 CDC. “Table 3.37. Percent of mothers indicating each reason for stopping breastfeeding by infant age at weaning1,2,3 Infant Feeding Practices Study II.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Accessed 20 Sept. 2017.


  • Denise Coleman

    Careful with the nipple shields recommendations. These items should be used under supervision (LC or other BFC) as its important to get fitted for the correct size. This ensure that the nipple can move freely during breastfeeding /chestfeeding. I would also consider adding healthy snacks/hydration options for the breastfeeding/ chestfeeding parent!! Nothing is more essential than a nourished relaxed parent for promoting lactation.

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