The Joy of Discovering First Foods With Little Bellies

FamilyThe Joy of Discovering First Foods With Little Bellies

The Joy of Discovering First Foods With Little Bellies

The relationship with your baby is a very special one. It’s formed during a year of ‘firsts’ and utter dependence – time for simplicity and softness and exciting discoveries for both parents and baby. The journey for each family is undeniably unique, yet each family will face similar joys and hurdles as their little one grows, learns and develops. Enjoy introducing baby food! Whether it starts with a fussy eater or not, this can be a time full of laughs, discovery, mess, and joy when it comes to feeding.


It can be daunting to navigate the sheer amount of information about nutrition, baby’s first foods, baby-led weaning foods, baby finger foods, and feeding methods in this informative age. Nutrition can be complicated, but nurturing is natural. At Little Bellies, we believe in the harmonic alignment of considered nutrition and wholesome, organic foods while embracing mess, discovery and play throughout a baby’s first year.

The Baby Bellies stage (7-12 months) is one of the most crucial and precious developmental stages. The Little Bellies philosophy aims to support parents so that those first milestones can be magical and fun.


From anywhere from 4-7 months, your little one will be able to move their head from side to side and will slowly be learning to sit up without support. That’s when they might be ready to start solids.

Some parents start their little ones with pureed homemade foods with simple ingredients or by purchasing wet pouches. Others start with baby-led weaning from around six months of age.

The concept of baby-led weaning is simple; your baby feeds themself with solid foods suitable in size, shape and texture. Many families follow baby-led weaning without even giving it much thought (particularly second children who enjoy stealing food from older brothers and sisters!). Baby-led weaning is just you and your baby doing what’s natural!


From 7-9 months, your baby will be adjusting to pureed and lumpy foods and will be ready to try new shapes and textures. If you decide to try baby-led weaning, they may already be comfortable trying a wider variety of food types.

Our Tasty Textures range is full of delicious certified organic baby finger foods that are easy-to-eat and melt-in-mouth. These can help provide an easy transition to more solid foods if your little one has already enjoyed pureed foods.

The Baby Bellies range is certified organic and simply introduce subtle new flavours and experiences for mini mouths. The soft shapes of our baby snacks are perfect for your baby to hold in their tiny hands and can help encourage safe self-feeding.


From 10- 12 months, your baby’s palate will change subtly, and slowly their tiny taste buds will be able to handle more developed flavours and textures. The snacks come in smaller pieces too, which means they’re that much trickier for babies to hold, helping to establish a more precise pincer grip, and our snacks are so tasty, they won’t want to let go!

Our More to Explore range has been developed to cater to new edible adventures in shape and appearance, complementing and gently encouraging your little one’s growing independence. Like the Tasty Textures range, it is certified organic with no added sugar or salt. It contains nothing artificial yet still has enough natural flavour to keep your little one interested.


However you decide to teach your baby, your food journey together is uniquely individual. Little Bellies aims to help make healthy eating a breeze and encourages your little bundle of joy to discover new tastes, textures and variety in a wholesome way.

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