The Curly Girl’s Guide to Frizz Free Hair

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The Curly Girl’s Guide to Frizz Free Hair

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I was taught from a young age the dangers of the F word. The F Word creates an unpleasant experience and when faced with this word, many people will feel uncomfortable. Frizz is not something to joke about.

As a proud member of the curly crew, I am no stranger to frizzy hair, especially during the humid summer months. It used to feel impossible to me to stop my hair from growing up and out in every possible direction. But the F word is unacceptable, so I found some ways to work around it.

Hands Off The Hair

Touching curly hair is like giving water to a chia pet: it’s going to grow and grow and grow.

Curly hair is so prone to frizz because the shape of the curl follicle makes it difficult for curly hair to absorb moisture from the natural oils they desperately need to stay hydrated and smooth. Friction only makes things worse by lifting the hair cuticle straight up, up, and away.

When you touch your hair, you’re introducing more friction to your curls, thus creating more frizz. One of your best bets to avoid a frizzy nightmare is to touch your hair less. Once you’re done styling your hair, hands off! Let it rest, friction free, and enjoy your beautiful, silky smooth curls.

 Jelly > Everything

If you’re a member of the curly crew, you know that curl creams or gels are an absolute MUST HAVE in your hair care routine. These items are essential for locking in some much needed moisture and doing what they can to kick frizz to the curb. Unfortunately, these dense creams and gels often leave you feeling weighed down and heavy in your fight against frizz.

Enter, curl jelly! I had never heard of curl jelly before this year, but now this lifesaver is part of my regular starting line-up of hair care. Curl jelly is lighter than your typical curl gel or cream, but packs just as strong a hold and maintains even the most slippery fly-away hairs that we curly crew members work so hard to control.

I’m OBSESSED with the new Kristin Ess Curl Defining Jelly!

 Mind The Gap! In Your Comb That Is…

One of the tools you’ll need at your disposal in the fight against frizz is a wide-toothed comb. Why is this better than a brush? Or even just a regular comb? It all goes back to friction.

Running a comb through your hair as you condition can do wonders for breaking up some of those nasty, yet unavoidable knots in your hair. What makes the wide-toothed comb special is that it’s a master detangler, but the space between each tooth of the comb gives your hair room to breathe. These gaps allow the comb to do its job while minimizing the breakage and snagging, leaving you with a stronger and more coily curl!

Ditch your bulky brush and try out the Kristin Ess Hair Detangling Comb. Your hair will thank you!

The Pineapple Method

First jellies, now pineapples? Yep, you read that right!

The pineapple method is used to literally fight frizz in your sleep. Before you go to bed, try piling all your beautiful and bountiful curls into a loose pony or bun right at the very top of your head. With all that hair sitting on your head, it’s going to look a little funny – kind of like a big pineapple!

Practicing the pineapple will help you to avoid crushing and flattening your curls while you sleep. If you’re like me, often tossing and turning at night, this method will also work wonders in minimizing any additional friction that may be caused by the constant moving contact between your curls and the pillow.

To help create smooth curls while you sleep, try putting your hair up in that pineapple with a scrunchie, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase rather than a cotton one to avoid less friction!

 What are some of your favourite frizz free techniques?

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