The Curly Girl’s Guide to Effortless Hair Styling in 5 Minutes or Less

BeautyHair CareThe Curly Girl’s Guide to Effortless Hair Styling in 5 Minutes or Less

The Curly Girl’s Guide to Effortless Hair Styling in 5 Minutes or Less

Caring for curly hair is a very high MANEtenance job. Some days it just takes on a mind of its own.

If you’re like me, you’re a bigger fan of sleeping than you are styling so cultivating cute curly looks may not be your favourite morning to do. On top of that curly hair isn’t shared in media as much as it could be, making it tough to find your next #hairgoals moment. All of this has forced me into a styling rut once or twice (or you know…a bunch of times).

Easy to manage, cute styles for curly hair shouldn’t be hard to come by so I’ve listed out some of my personal favourites that you can create in 5 minutes or less as tested by a very impatient curly girl (me). Give them a try!

Wrap it Up

girl with curly hair and head scarf Head scarves and wraps are my go-to option for looking sleek when I literally roll out of bed. Whether you’re going for an up or a down ‘do, a head scarf or wrap adds the perfect touch of style with minimum effort required.

All you need to do is find a scarf or wrap that speaks to you, tie it together around the circumference of your head and start your day! I love this look because it’s super simple to execute but opens up countless possibilities to switch up your look with different scarf designs and knotting techniques.

Bonus frizz-free tip: Reach for a silky hair wrap or scarf. This smooth material will create less friction with your hair as you move throughout the day, fighting frizz in the most stylish way possible!

Messy Bun, but Make it Polishedgirl with curly hair in a bun

For the days where you can’t be bothered to do anything but flop your hair atop your head, I say go for it! Here’s how you can go full casual, while still looking polished.

Grab two, thin groups of curls at the center of your head, right where your hairline meets your forehead, and pull them forward. Next, grab your favourite scrunchie and pile all your remaining curls on the top of your head in a shape that resembles a pineapple, and leave it up there! Don’t twist your hair into a tight bun, just fold it into a big beautiful blob, right up top. If you have longer hair (like me), you may have some ends sticking out of the bottom of the pineapple. Feel free to style these in front or tuck them behind at the back of your bun however you like it.

I love this look because it takes my messy bun to the next level by using those two pieces in front to frame my face. This makes for a more polished look on those “crazy hair, can’t be bothered to care” days.

Clip it Back

The great thing about hair clips is that there are endless possibilities of what you can do with them.

One of my go-to, minimal effort looks is grabbing a thick, sturdy clip and using it to pin back some pieces from the front of my hair that just always seem to fly away in every direction. I take these pieces that are closer to my eyes (one group from the right side, and one from the left), and pull them around the bend at the top of my head, then clip them around back. You can also take your two pieces and pull them up and straight back along the top of your head for another sleek sweep.

To switch things up, you can also grab a couple cute bobby pins for a quick side sweep – pinning back just one side of your curls to keep things fresh and keep the curls out of your eyes!

I’d love to see your favourite curly hair styles! Tag @welldotca in your #hairgoals Insta Story and show off your best curly creation.

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