The Best Sustainable Beauty Products

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The Best Sustainable Beauty Products

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It’s finally summer!!! This means fresh air, fresh fruit, and countless hours spent having fun in the sun.

And let’s be honest, any turn of the season is the absolute perfect time to try out something new! This season, while we pack away our worn-out winter beauty routine and get ready to build our summer lineup, why not reach for something new? And something sustainable!

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our staff’s sustainable beauty faves:

Meow Meow Tweet Sweet orange vegan lip balm  Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Lip Balm

Loved by Sarah, Social Media Manager

Sweet like citrus, hydrating, vegan, AND with compostable packaging! If you’re looking to go sustainable this summer, this is literally the perfect beauty pick.

This vegan lip balm comes in a paper tube that’s compostable and recyclable – either way, it’s a win. It’s also packed with a whole bunch of amazing ingredients like organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, and essential oils that’ll keep your smile soft and sweet, all summer long!

Tru Earth Make up removing pads Tru Earth Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Loved by Farrah, Director of Business Development

Playing with makeup is fun, but washing it away is heartbreaking, and not just because you need to say goodbye to your cute new creation. Tossing yet ANOTHER makeup wipe or cotton pad to waste makes us cringe every time.

Enter: reusable makeup remover pads. These makeup remover pads are made of a soft bamboo that won’t irritate your skin, and – are you ready for it – are MACHINE WASHABLE!! Just throw these cuties in their little laundry bag and add them to your regular load for fresh pads you can use again and again.

Farrah’s tip: Keep the clean pads in your makeup bag and each time you use one, toss it in the net laundry bag they came with. At the end of the week, wash and replenish your stash!

Kaia Naturals cleansing wipes Kaia Naturals Vitamin Cleanse Facial Cleansing Cloths

Loved by Lauren, Designer

No beauty routine is complete without a good facial cleanse, and these are possibly the coolest facial wipes I think I’ve ever seen (thanks for the reco Lauren). Aside from their natural and nourishing ingredients (hello!! Organic honey!!) and their amazing smell, these wipes are biodegradable and compostable!

Want to test it out? Once you’re done with your wipe, place the cloth in some soil with your favourite plant pals, water the soil, and watch it disappear. Seriously – how cool is that!

exfoliating cloth LaVigne Natural Exfoliating Cloth

Loved by Kathy, Email & CRM Specialist

While we’re on the topic of cleansing, don’t forget to exfoliate! Kathy is our resident exfoliation queen (she seriously has the best tips!). She swears by this ever so slightly exfoliating Muslin cloth to keep her skin fresh and clear, without damaging her skin. The best part? Each cloth comes with a mesh washing bag that you can use to add your new best beauty buddy into your regular laundry load. This way, you can reuse the cloth to reduce waste while leaving your skin healthy, glowing, and beautiful!

…oh, and did we mention it’s vegan?!

Buck Naked bath bombBuck Naked Eucalyptus & Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb

Loved by Emily (me :D), Marketing Associate

For me, beauty isn’t just about the makeup or the facial cleansers (although I love those too). I believe that beauty starts inside and works outward. That’s why this bath bomb is my go-to sustainable beauty pick!

While it’s chemical free, vegan, and sustainably sourced, this bath bomb offers maximum relaxation, leaving me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated on the inside. This is an important step in my beauty routine because I know that I look my best when I feel my best. When I feel fresh and lush on the inside, these same attributes reflect in my beauty on the outside. To me, inner and outer beauty go hand-in-hand.

It also doesn’t hurt that this bath bomb is infused with Eucalyptus essential oil, which is known to help hydrate dry skin!

Check out all of our sustainable faves for more eco-conscious products you’ll love!

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