The Best Free Virtual Workout Classes to Try Today

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The Best Free Virtual Workout Classes to Try Today

Whether you’re a regular gym goer and looking to keep up a routine or think a workout might be what your mental health needs right now, you’ll find something on this list that suits your requirements.

  1. Madfit

Maddie offers a huge variety of workouts, from those that focus on certain body parts (her leg workouts are crazy good), to full-body HITT routines and even specialized videos for those who need something more low impact.

Some of her most popular videos are workouts choreographed to today’s top songs, so you can listen to your latest music obsession and get an awesome workout at the same time. Her workouts are the perfect mix of challenging and accessible. I also have to mention that the video quality is great; her set up is clean and fresh looking, which makes them so enjoyable to watch and follow along.

  1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is kind of like the Queen of yoga on YouTube, and for good reason. Since 2012 she’s been asking viewers to “find what feels good”.

Her videos aren’t just great for your body but also for your mind. Her gentle reminders to feel all ten toes connected to the earth or to breath out all your day’s stress really do help ground you in that moment. Her 30 days of yoga challenges are some of her most watched videos and offer a gentle introduction to moving your body every day.

One unique thing I love about her channel is how she targets her videos to specific ailments. You’ll find one for lower back pain, anxiety, headaches, and pretty much anything else. She’s warm, welcoming and has the most calming presence.

  1. FitnessBlender

This husband and wife team offer straightforward, no frills videos with their signature white background and countdown timer.

They’re both super knowledgeable, encouraging, and positive. Daniel, the husband, typically does the voice-over, offering lots of small adjustments to make sure you keep good form, while his wife Kelli demonstrates the moves.

What I love most about this channel is that its relatable and realistic. You can sometimes hear Kelli breathing hard during that second set of burpees, losing her balance for a second or her legs shaking by the end of a squat hold. It makes them feel like real people and way less intimidating.  There’s also no music, so you can blast whatever you want!

  1. Blogilates

If you need someone thats going to keep you motivated and chat like you’re just two best friends hanging out, Cassey is for you. Her aesthetic is bright and colourful, matching her bubbly personality. Her channel is Pilates focused with lots of quick workouts that you can combine to create a customized full length routine of your choosing. She regularly speaks about body positivity and you just can’t help but smile when she’s talking.

  1. IG Live

Instagram Live is an awesome feature that allows you to stream live workouts with lots of other people. So, if you’re missing the community at your regular gym, try this out! I recommend checking out your favourite local studio to see if they’re offering any free classes, as well as @thesweatseries who is posting a round up each morning of the top IG Live classes that day.

Let us know in the comments if you try out any of these or if you have a favourite virtual workout!

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