The Best Defence Immune Support for Whole Body Health

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The Best Defence Immune Support for Whole Body Health

In an increasingly complicated world, finding something simple and straightforward can be a breath of fresh air. One example is our relationship with our immune system. Despite being made up of a dizzying array of biochemical processes, the fact remains that the better we treat our immune system, the better it will treat us. And this goes well beyond just keeping us protected during cold and flu season. A strong immune system supports whole body health because it is interconnected with so many aspects of our wellbeing like mood, digestion, joint and skin health, and energy levels[i][ii][iii][iv]. Consider our top 5 tips to not only help keep away the sniffles but also promote optimal health for both body and mind.

  1. Choose the right fuel.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a strong immune system. However, stressing the importance of a healthy, balanced diet can be a bit of a broken record (for those who still remember what records are!). It can also be a challenge for many people to make the right food choices on a regular basis, restricted by time, finances or other obstacles. Ultimately, the way to maintain a balanced diet, full of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins and whole grains, is by planning ahead. By preparing meals the night before a busy day, always having healthy snacks accessible, and above all, finding healthier options that you actually enjoy, can go a long way towards feeling your best.

  1. Keep moving.

Regular exercise (both aerobic and resistance training) has also shown the ability to build and maintain strong immunity[v]. The benefits are nearly limitless, improving immune function as well as heart health, mood, energy, sleep, digestion, and much more. As with adopting a healthy diet, it’s important to find physical activities that you enjoy. It’s also worth considering an option like Sisu Energy Boost™ with Ester-C®, a multivitamin drink mix that helps you stay hydrated while replacing electrolytes lost through exercise. Plus it’s the only multivitamin drink mix that contains Ester-C® for 24 hour immune support.

  1. Rest up.

While we’re busy sleeping, our immune system is busy rebuilding and replenishing itself[vi]. That’s one key reason why people who suffer from insomnia are more likely to catch a cold or flu, and take longer to recover[vii]. Maintain a consistent bedtime routine and keep late night snacking to a minimum. Also, despite the temptation to snuggle into bed under the glow of a TV, smartphone or tablet, try to end screen time at least thirty minutes before lights out.

  1. Take humour seriously.

For some reason, this one rarely seems to crack the list of immune-supporting strategies. All the same, it’s a fact: When we’re happy, our stress hormone levels decrease. When that happens, inflammation goes down, and immune function goes up. Numerous studies show that laughter boosts immune cells including natural killer cells as well as the production of infection-fighting antibodies[viii][ix]. So, who’s laughing now?

  1. “C” for yourself.

Decades of research have shown the importance of vitamin C at maintaining strong immunity. However, as our bodies are unable to store this powerful nutrient, we must consume it on a regular basis. For many, adding a high-quality vitamin C supplement can provide just the boost needed to support their immune system. For a well absorbed, less-acidic form, consider Ester-C® vitamin C. Sisu Ester-C® 1000 mg is a high-dose, one-per-day option, or for broader immune and antioxidant support, there’s Ester-C® Supreme, with added botanical extracts of quercetin, arabinogalactan and multianthocyanidins. For kids, there’s Cold & Flu Rescue with Ester-C®, zinc and echinacea. These delicious chewable tablets help to relieve the symptoms and shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections.

The bottom line is that while it may take some time, effort and mindfulness, it is possible to strengthen and support your immune system. And when you do that, it’s bound to return the favour.



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