The Adaptogen For You Based on Your Mood

WellnessThe Adaptogen For You Based on Your Mood

The Adaptogen For You Based on Your Mood

When it comes to the world of adaptogens, one can easily become overwhelmed. Not only are there adaptogens, there’s also mushrooms with adaptogenic properties. They all have similar benefits, but some are better than others when you want targeted results.

If you’re looking for a supplement to support your mood, whether that means a little more focus or an anti-inflammatory boost, we’re here to help with our favourite adaptogens and mushrooms!

For A Dose of Focus: Lion’s Mane

 Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a wonderful way to help you find your focus. It can spark cognition, improve your focus, and support mental clarity. We love the OM Mushroom capsules because they’re easy to take, organic, and each bottle offers a full month’s support. The capsules are also vegan and gluten free.

 For Anti-Inflammatory Help: Schisandra Berry

If you find yourself feeling a bit achy at the end of the day, sip on the Daydream Cucumber Lime Sparkling Water! Each can is infused with hemp seed oil and schisandra berry, both of which can help reduce inflammation while supporting overall health and wellbeing.

Schisandra berry is especially nice for normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure, supporting the immune system, and improving your body’s recovery after a sweaty workout.

 For Energy Support: Chaga Mushroom

 If you need to kickstart your energy (don’t we all!), reach for the Harmonic Arts Kickstart Elixir. Featuring chaga mushroom, this elixir can provide antioxidants, slow cellular aging, help reduce inflammation, and of course give you that much-needed energy boost.

While technically not an adaptogen, chaga mushroom does have adaptogenic qualities so we just couldn’t leave it off this list!

 For those Who Need to De-Stress: Ashwaghanda

 When you need to unwind, reach for the Kite Unwind Ashwaghanda Orange Moringa Sparkling Tea! Unlike anything on the market, Kite’s sparkling teas are not only so delicious, they’re infused with adaptogenic goodness to support your best life.

Ashwaghanda is one of the more well known adaptogens, and for good reason. It’s a powerhouse adaptogen that helps your body handle stress, support a healthy brain, and lower cortisol levels. We’ll cheers to that!

 For an Immune System Boost: A Blend!

 To boost your immune system, enjoy the Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend. With ten superfoods, including a few we’ve mentioned here like schisandra, chaga mushroom, and ashwaghanda, along with others like reishi mushroom and tulsi, you’ll reap the benefits of all without overwhelming your beverage with ten different powders. It’s like a multi-vitamin for adaptogens!

Have you tried adaptogens yet? What are your favourites?

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