2017 Wellness Trends

Wellness2017 Wellness Trends

2017 Wellness Trends

A #WelllNewYear is upon us, and we’re excited to make our predictions (based on some great information) on the standout stars of 2017. From food to baby, vitamins and supplements, there are tons of  great resources to help you get started – or continue – on your wellness journey. We asked the Well.ca buyers for their 2017 Wellness trends – here they are!

Baby & Kids
  • Colour. Warm autumnal, burgundies and lots of olive are in season!
  • Florals, feathers, patterns! It’s all about the delightful patterns this year including Prairie florals, feathers, cactus and arrow patterns.
  • Cloth diapers. Moms and dads alike have been raving about cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers are accessible and super cute!
  • Tropical chic. Watermelons, Flamingons and Palms will have you dreaming of your next getaway with baby.
  • Litterless lunch. The litterless lunch has become a growing trend for parents. There are more options than ever for fun, re-usable lunch vessels to make packing lunch an easy transition.
For The Home
Vitamins & Supplements
  • Beauty from within. Collagen and vitamins are easier to digest now more than ever! They’re supplied in many forms of drinkable, powders and supplements that help boost the growth of hair and nails and the ever important biotin, necessary for the growth of strong nails and hair.
  • Activated charcoal. From face masks to drinks, to supplements, activated charcoal is all the rage as a way to detoxify and clean out the gunk from your system.
  • New forms of probiotics. Think gummies, drinks, powders and probiotic chocolates!
  • New ways to take your vitamins. Think gummies, drinkable vitamins, drink packs, and powders that you can easily mix into your drink, vitamin chocolates and elixirs.
  • Energy and rest cycle. We’re looking at B12 for energy and melatonin for a restful sleep! Resist the urge to go for that extra cup of coffee. If you’re deficient in B vitamins (always check with your doctor or health practitioner), B12 is a recommended vitamin to help boost energy.
  • Fermented protein. Fermented protein helps contribute to a healthy gut, and is easy to digest. Fermented protein is easier to digest allowing your body to absorb the nutrients, giving your body a break!
  • Meditation. A powerful addition to your wellness practice that doesn’t require much except some patience and practice!
Beauty – Check Out The Post Here!
Let us know what you think will be big and noteworthy in 2017.

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