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Lauren Motto, PharmD | Medical Science Liaison for Hydralyte
Working out can be really rewarding when you’re doing something you enjoy and you’re properly hydrated. Some people love to exercise all the time, while others struggle to find the motivation. In either case, no one enjoys working out when they’re not feeling well, specifically with headaches. Commonly referred to as “exercise headaches” or exertional headaches, they develop while working out and there are several reasons why you might be getting them.

A round-up of Toronto classes for new moms that want to get out and get active while having fun with their littles. We’d love to provide something similar for everyone across the country but alas, we’re most familiar with our backyard – we hope that you’ll help us (read: your fellow parents nearby) out with more Canada-wide suggestions in the comments!

Josephine Cuthill | Ownder & Fitness Instructor at Framewrk Studio
A well-lived life is about balance. Balance can improve wellness, happiness and satisfaction.  And of course, being imbalanced can throw everything into a tailspin. The same principles apply to your fitness routine. If you’re only concentrating on either strength programs or flexibility programs, you need to introduce a workout to balance these fitness regimes.

Many of us, including myself, have 'drink more water' on our list of resolutions for 2017. However, if you're goal is to increase your daily hydration for health and wellness purposes, you might be surprised that water alone won't necessarily help you out. For a long...

With the fitness phenomenon continuing to gain momentum, there's no shortage of studios or workouts geared to making exercise a sweaty, but fun experience. Here are our predictions for exercises that are sure to soar in popularity in 2017: Boxing: Boxing for fitness combines strength, endurance and cardio into real...