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Working 9-5 definitely has it’s perks—consistent weekday hours plus evenings and weekends off leave me with a lot of free time. But it can still be tricky to schedule in as many workouts as I’d like to each week—especially when living downtown Toronto where there’s always something exciting going on! I’m constantly trying to perfect my work-life-workout balance, so I’m sharing a few tricks I’ve learned that help me stay more active throughout the work day.

A round-up of Toronto classes for new moms that want to get out and get active while having fun with their littles. We’d love to provide something similar for everyone across the country but alas, we’re most familiar with our backyard – we hope that you’ll help us (read: your fellow parents nearby) out with more Canada-wide suggestions in the comments!

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Dr. Olivia Rose, ND

What is Menopause?

Menopause is defined as the absence of a menstrual period for 12 months. 51 years of age is the average age of onset in North America. Once in menopause, the function of the ovaries--the female gonads--drastically decline. This leads to cessation of ovulation and a decrease in the primary sex hormones--estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. But menopause is not a disease. It’s important to remember that your hormones do not need to be replaced and menopause itself does not need to be treated. Instead, this is a period of time in your life to focus on self-care and to examine the holistic ways to manage the discomforts your body is experiencing.  Remember, it may take some effort and time to find exactly what works for you.

Julia Hamer | Neuroscientist & Former Pro Athlete
Back-to-school. Even for those who aren’t students or teachers, work tends to slow down in the summertime and things get a little more relaxed in the office. And then all of a sudden, we go from 0 to 100 real quick come September. Deadlines, due dates, meetings, proposals…it’s a lot for our brains to readjust to.