You’ve Decided to Switch to Natural Deodorant – Here’s What to Do Next

BeautySkin CareYou’ve Decided to Switch to Natural Deodorant – Here’s What to Do Next

You’ve Decided to Switch to Natural Deodorant – Here’s What to Do Next

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So, you’ve made the decision to switch to organic, non-toxic deodorant. Go, you! You’re helping your lymphatic system do its job, uninterrupted by lymph nodes full of toxic things like aluminum, questionable “fragrance” and synthetic antibacterial agents. You’re giving your body the support it needs to function properly.

Now what? To help you in this journey, we’ve put together a little guide to get you started—we’ll cover:

  • What to look for when choosing a non-toxic deodorant,
  • Common sensitivities, even in natural deodorants, and
  • A quick how-to for making the switch.
#1 What to Look For

This part is easy—always read your labels.

Here are the main toxic ingredients to avoid when choosing a deodorant:

  • Aluminum — The most common (and most harmful) chemical found in non-natural deodorants. Temporarily plugs the sweats ducts, preventing you from perspiring, and may be absorbed by the skin..
  • Fragrance or “parfum” — Because while it may appear as a single ingredient on labels, it’s really a grab bag of any combination of over 3,000 potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Propylene glycol — A synthetic liquid that absorbs water, serving as a “vehicle” for topical products. Found in thousands of cosmetic products and processed foods. Also found in antifreeze for HVAC systems.
  • Parabens — Synthetic compounds commonly used as preservatives in personal care products.

At Earth Mama Organics, we took on the challenge of making an organic deodorant that helps you smell good—without toxic chemicals. Our deodorants are dermatologist-tested for irritation and certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 organic standard. Earth Mama deodorants are formulated for use through pregnancy and breastfeeding but are also safe for teens and ALL bodies!

#2 Common Natural Sensitivities

Feeling itchy and rashy? Some people have a tough time with contact dermatitis which can be caused by a couple of ingredients commonly used in natural deodorants.

We’ve heard quite often that folks limit themselves to natural deodorant without baking soda.  But here’s the thing: not all deodorants containing baking soda are created equal. If you’ve had problems adjusting to natural deodorants with baking soda, don’t be afraid to try again: Earth Mama deodorants are formulated with coconut oil and the perfect balance of baking soda and magnesium to be safe and gentle—and still work. And as mentioned, they’re dermatologist-tested (and clinically tested) for irritation, too.

Another common cause of contact dermatitis is fragrance chemicals. Some people are sensitive to all scents, natural or not, but what many people are sensitive to is actually something quite different. Since the ingredient called “fragrance” can contain so many different chemicals and manufacturers are not required to list them on the label (it’s actually considered a trade secret), you have no way of knowing what’s irritating you. Is it a phthalate, the chemical fixative that makes a scent last and last? Or is it one of hundreds of toxic hidden preservatives? In the end, scented doesn’t always equal bad, and even “unscented” products can have fragrance chemicals…

#3 How to Make the Switch

Your armpit skin is sensitive. It’ll take an adjustment period.

Your body will take some time to adjust to not having aluminum and other chemicals all up in your pits! Wash your armpits daily and remember that it’ll take a few weeks for your body to adjust—so hang in there!

Remember that sweating is good for you.

Consider this: the skin is the body’s largest organ. And although it’s porous, the skin protects you from outside factors like pollutants, bacteria, and chemicals. It’s also part of our elimination system, removing toxins and chemicals through sweat. So if you’re sweating it out…that’s actually a good thing.

Keep it clean.

Remember this: Wash. Dry. Apply. Because if you aren’t starting with clean skin, you’re essentially covering up bacteria. For long-lasting freshness, give a quick wash and dry to your armpits before applying—every time.

About Earth Mama Organics Deodorants

Earth Mama’s organic, non-toxic deodorant philosophy is simple: You wanna smell good. And you want to put good stuff in and on your body. Some of you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Some of you have sensitive skin. And some of you may just want a better deodorant. Something gentle and not just good, but organic—that actually works. Is that too much to ask? Nope! Earth Mama Organics made it, with a super-special deodorant formulation in four scents (or lack thereof in one case: refreshing Ginger Fresh, Bright Citrus, unscented Natural Non-Scents, and Calming Lavender. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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