Supplements For Every (Health) Persona

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It’s true to say that the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not always work when it comes to our health.

Each of us has unique needs and goals that require a different set of nutrients. Having said this, there are always a core group of supplements and vitamins that can really make a difference in your daily life. Depending on whether you do CrossFit 5 times per week, or are hopping from meeting to meeting during your extended workday, there’s a set of nutrients out there for you! Let’s discuss some of the common ‘personality types’ when it comes to health, and what exactly they should consider taking daily.

The Newbie to Health & Wellness

If this is you, it may be overwhelming just thinking about all the vitamins and minerals available today! Have no fear; by focusing on just a few key products, you can boost your overall health while reducing your risk of certain diseases.

Complete multivitamin: This is a staple if you aren’t sure how many nutrients you are getting from your diet. Most formulas that truly are ‘complete’ are rarely 1 capsule per day, so I often recommend one for specifically for women or men by Innate Response to meet your needs.

Omega 3 plus vitamin D: By now, you have probably heard about these two nutrients. They are difficult to get enough of from our diets and are responsible for heart health, healthy mood and a stronger immune system. Sure, you can take them both separately, but let’s make it easier by combining them together in a formula like NutraSea’s.

The Athlete

If you work out regularly, you are most likely already taking a few products to help boost your energy and recover more effectively. And while being active does wonders for our health, it can wreak havoc on our joints over time. Focusing on natural pain relief & keeping joints healthy are top priorities!

Curcumin: This comes from the spice turmeric and is excellent for inflammation support and pain relief. Keep in mind, quality matters – the more potent the formula, the faster you will feel the results! Try this one from Integrative Therapeutics.

Collagen: Necessary for the rebuilding of your joints and keeping arthritis at bay. Adding a scoop to your shake, coffee or simply in water is one of the easiest things you can do in order to keep up with your active lifestyle for years to come!

The One Who’s On-The-Go 24/7

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, busy juggling work, and family life, or simply overpack your to-do list, your body likely needs adrenal support. The adrenal glands in our body are responsible for our stress hormones and keeping our energy up throughout the day, but if we don’t recharge our ‘batteries’ we are left exhausted, irritable and frustrated.

Balanced adrenal support: I recommend starting with an activated B vitamin complex that is made to support your body’s natural stress response without being too stimulating. Douglas Labs makes an excellent formula for just this purpose.

Magnesium glycinate: This form of magnesium is excellent to reduce muscle tension (no more headaches!) and helps calm any anxiety while relaxing the body overall for a better sleep. This is a must for almost everybody, but especially if you have little time to unwind during your day. Try a powder form mixed with water as part of your nighttime routine.

Mom-to-be (or soon-to-be pregnant)

Whether you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or already are, giving your body the proper building blocks for a healthy fetus is vitally important. Keep in mind, most nutrients that the baby requires will be ‘taken’ from the mother’s body, so making sure you have enough stores of these vitamins is essential!

Prenatal multivitamin: Many on the market are poorly absorbed and can cause digestive upset. Always select a variety that has the active forms of the B vitamins (including folic acid) and well-tolerated iron. This formula by Innate Response is perfect during preconception (always start supplementing at least 3 months before becoming pregnant) straight through post-pregnancy while nursing!

DHA: This specific form of omega 3 fatty acids is vital for brain and nervous system development in the fetus. It can be a challenge getting enough from the diet, especially since the main source, fish, can contain heavy metals and should be limited during pregnancy. Choosing a company that tests for purity is most important when selecting a formula. Either 2 capsules or a half teaspoon of liquid with dinner is all that’s needed.

There you have it: getting the right nutrients for your lifestyle made simple!

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