Our 5 Favourite Superfoods (& What Makes Them Super!)

FoodOur 5 Favourite Superfoods (& What Makes Them Super!)

Our 5 Favourite Superfoods (& What Makes Them Super!)

You’ve probably heard about superfoods such as blueberries and pomegranate but what other superfoods are out there that you should have in your diet?

What are superfoods? They are foods that are known for their health benefits thanks to their phytonutrient content (a plant compound that has health-protecting and enhancing qualities). Research has found that superfoods are praised for their nutritious value, ability to fight diseases and even claim to reverse the aging process! Adding superfoods to your balanced diet is great for boosting your health.

Here’s a list of our favourite superfoods and the benefits of each!

Giddy Yoyo Organic Raw Goji Berries1. Goji Berries

The superfoods of all superfoods – the Goji Berry. This Himalayan berry has multiple different benefits such as treating diabetes, hypertension, malaria, fever, cancer and other ailments. Goji berries pack more vitamin C than some oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots!

Dietary Uses: Giddy Yoyo Organic Raw Goji Berries can be eaten raw or cooked. They are a great addition to salads, hot cereal and tea! They have a similar texture to a raisin and taste like a dried cherry or cranberry.

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts2. Hemp Hearts

What’s not to love about hemp seeds? These little seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a specific omega-6 fatty acid not found in any other food, GLA. They also contain all 10 essential amino acids and provide protein! They are more digestible than meat, whole eggs, cheese, human milk, cow’s milk or any other high protein foods! To add to the super benefits, it also is rich in Vitamin E. Hemp seeds are great for vegetarians and vegans but also for anyone who is looking for a well-rounded meal. The list of benefits for hemp seeds can go on and on which is why this made our superfood list!

Dietary Uses: Hemp seeds like  Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts have a very mild, nutty flavor which makes it delicious to be added to salads, smoothies, soups, noodles, dips and so much more!

Navitas Naturals Organic Acai Powder3. Acai

Acai, a Brazilian berry is packed with antioxidants. It provides great benefits such as a healthy heart, promotes healthier and younger-looking skin and also cleanses the body of toxins. Acai is also a great source of Omega 6 and 9 which can help lower your cholesterol.

Dietary uses:  Navitas Naturals Organic Acai Powder is great to smoothies, yoghurt, desserts, energy drinks and more.

Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon 4. Cinnamon

One of the world’s oldest spices, cinnamon once was used as currency and even considered more precious than gold! Due to its insulin-like effects of polyphenols (natural substance found in plants) cinnamon helps lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Dietary uses: Cinnamon such as Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon, is available in stick or powder form and is great to add to your breakfast meals such as pancakes and hot/cold cereal but also fantastic in coffee, tea, and more!

Inari Organic Quinoa

5. Quinoa

Quinoa is no stranger to being labeled as a superfood! Quinoa has more protein than most cereals and is also considered a complete protein because it contains all eight of the essential amino acids that are crucial for tissue development. Some extra benefits with quinoa: high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese and zinc.

Dietary uses: Inari Organic Quinoa is a great replacement for rice and can be include it in soups, desserts, muffins and more! It’s also great to add to salads and keeps you full until your next meal!

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