Supercharge Your Morning with This Satisfying Smoothie Recipe

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Supercharge Your Morning with This Satisfying Smoothie Recipe

supercharge your smoothie

Do you drink smoothies? Why not? They have so many benefits (if made with the proper ingredients) and are so simple to make.

Feeling rushed in the morning? Making your own nutrient-dense smoothie doesn’t take as long as preparing most meals, giving you more time for other things. Taking a smoothie with you in the car or even on public transit is an additional way to save time in the morning. Also, surprise! Getting kids to eat healthy foods is not always easy. Fortunately, most kids love the taste of a creamy smoothie naturally sweetened by fruit or a good sweetener like honey, maple syrup, or stevia. You can even hide veggies in your kid’s smoothies that they would never eat without serious pressure.

By learning what constitutes a healthy smoothie, you’ll also educate yourself on what comprises a healthy diet. This will allow you to make better decisions when the blender isn’t around. You’ll be more confident in your food choices. Consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and veggies can be a challenge. Blending a couple of servings of each into a smoothie helps ensure you meet your body’s nutritional needs.

Erin’s Healthy Supercharged Smoothie Recipe



Add ingredients to blender in order listed and blend. Add ice if you so desire. Serve.

Did you catch us helping you keep up your resolutions on CHCH TV Morning Live? Erin features her smoothie recipe, plus we have loads of tips and tricks! Check it out.

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