12 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

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Two little girls having fun on a playground outdoors in summer

Have you been enjoying the weather lately as much as I have? It is perfect this time of year where the humidity is not too overwhelming and the nights are still cool enough to sleep comfortably, but before we know it – it’s going to be hot, hot!

I, myself, am not a huge fan of the hot weather, but it’s hard to deny that summer is the most fun season of all. All the neighbor kids are home on school break and you can hear all the kids laughing and playing outside. There are outdoor adventures like beach trips, hikes and picnics, and there’s just something about the sun – maybe all that Vitamin D – that make it seem like everyone has an extra skip in their step.

Summer is a time of year that many parents and kids look forward to, but like all fun things, there are safety tips we should all be following.  From sun safety to keeping safe near water, here are 12 summer safety tips for kids:

When In the Sun

1. Kids should always wear sunscreen: It’s one of those rules I think we all know by now, but even on those cloudy days you can’t forget to slather it on.

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3. Don’t forget the tricky spots: The Huffington Post reminds us not to forget those spots we always seem to forget when applying sunscreen.

4. They should wear a hat: If your kid has a full head of hair, or even rocks a buzz-cut, chances are they don’t want to put sunscreen all over their scalp. It can still burn though, so wearing a hat (with a brim to protect the eyes) is important to remember.

5. Hydrate often: It’s easy for kids to forget to stop and have a cool drink when they’ve been chasing each other around the playground, but it’s important to remind them. Dehydration and heat stroke are something all parents should watch out for.

When Near the Water

6. If possible, make them take swimming lessons: It’s important for kids to know how to swim and the earlier they understand the basics, the better. Sign them up for some local swim lessons!

7. Never leave them unattended: Not even for a second – important for all ages, but especially for the younger kids.

8. Know the signs of drowning: Drowning doesn’t always look as dramatic as it seems to play out on television. Sometimes it’s a lot more subtle so make sure you know what it looks like.

9. Wear life jackets: If you’re planning to take your child boating or they’re going swimming and haven’t completed their lessons yet, make sure they’re wearing a proper fitting CSA-approved life jacket.

When At the Playground

10. Teach kids the rules: Make sure that when you visit a new playground you read the rules to your kids. I’m sure both you and them have heard the same ones over and over, but it’s good protocol to go over again.

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12. They should be supervised: Accidents happen in the playground, it’s just a fact and while your kids shouldn’t be scared of playing, they should have a responsible adult or older teen in charge of watching them while they’re playing.


Will you and your kids be spending a lot of time outside this summer?


  • Barb

    Thanks for a detailed list, summer is the only time the kids get a great chance to play outside and parents are less worried.

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