WellBeing by Well.ca | Spice Up Your Next BBQ with these 5 Underrated Condiments
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Spice Up Your Next BBQ with these 5 Underrated Condiments

friends having a drink around a BBQ

Skip the ketchup this Summer and opt for these five delicious condiments to take your BBQ to the next level!

  1. Abokichi OKAZU Curry Miso

This is an umami-rich, miso and sesame oil based condiment with a South Asian twist: curry! It’s often used for rice, but we love using it to marinate chicken and fish, on top of freshly grilled veggie burgers, or even on potatoes. The options are endless!

2. Gourmet Inspirations Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Gourmet Inspirations Canadian MapleNo BBQ is complete without BBQ sauce! But don’t reach for just ANY BBQ sauce – reach for something with a twist! Gourmet Inspirations’ Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce is a smooth and sweet BBQ sauce with notes of dark balsamic vinegar. It’s made right here in Canada, there’s no questionable preservatives, and it’s even made with Manitoba saskatoon berries!

We love slathering this on turkey burgers, a rack of ribs, or chicken!

3. Blue Top Garlic Hatch Hot Sauce

Blue Top Garlic Hatch Hot SauceIf you really like spicy, you’ll love the Blue Top Garlic Hatch Hot Sauce. It’s a hot sauce, but with a delicious creamy texture and a hint of garlic we can’t get enough of! It’s even gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients like cage free eggs. You can use this on anything – meat, veggies, potatoes and sides, you name it!

4. Umami Sauce Da Lat

Umami Sauce Da LatAnother umami option is the savoury Umami Sauce Da Lat! It’s handcrafted with peanuts and spices for a rich, flavourful touch to salad rolls, satay dishes, and noodle bowls! We know these aren’t super common at a BBQ, but we couldn’t leave this one out, it’s just too good! If you’re hosting a twist on the classic BBQ, don’t forget this sauce!

5. La Belle Excuse Pearl Onion Confit in Lemon Balsamic

La Belle Excuse Pearl Confit in Lemon BalsamicThe La Bella Excuse Pearl Onion Confit in Lemon Balsamic is the perfect touch on your BBQ side dishes! With notes of wine, lemon, and white balsamic vinegar, you can add this to sandwiches, enhance your cheese platter, and even add to meat pies and quiches! However, we love it on potatoes – the perfect BBQ side dish!

What are your favourite BBQ condiments?


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