7 Snacks the Well.ca Team Reaches for Every Afternoon

FoodSnacks & Desserts7 Snacks the Well.ca Team Reaches for Every Afternoon

7 Snacks the Well.ca Team Reaches for Every Afternoon

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The struggle is real! We know it can be hard to shake that mid-afternoon slump. When you’re too busy for a walk, you’ve had enough water (and so many bathroom breaks), AND it’s too late for a coffee, it’s time for a snack! From sweet, to salty, crunchy and savory, the Well.ca team has got you covered in the snack department!

  1. Koukla Delights Vanilla Coco Organic Macaroons

Koukla snacksLoved by Leah, Merchandise Specialist

I love the Koukla Delights Organic Macaroons because the ingredients are simple, clean, and organic! These bite sized treats always satisfy my sweet tooth without the sugar crash. They are perfect for an afternoon pick me up!

  1. Super Snap Seaweed Snacks

Loved by Caroline, Director of Baby, Toy & FoodSupersnaps snacks

These seaweeds snaps are so satisfying and guilt free. Eating seaweed is made a little more fun with the added crunch of the seeds on top. Makes for an afternoon snack packed with nutrients.

  1. Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter

fatso peanutLoved by Kathy, Email and CRM Specialist

This is my new favourite peanut butter, I’m already on my third tub! I love the smooth and delicious taste, and the added superfoods gives it a really great crunch. I often end up eating it right out of the container! For an office friendly snack I like to spread it on apple slices for a filling treat!

  1. Hungry Buddha Classic Coconut Chips

Loved by Lauren, Merchandising AssociateHungry Buddha snacks

I am absolutely loving the Hungry Buddha Coconut chips! They are not overly sweet and have a little hint of savory taste. The serving size is one bag which make it easy to pack in my lunch and they’re super crunchy and satisfying. It’s also a plus that they are vegan and dairy-free!

  1. RXBAR

RXBARLoved by Kelly, Marketing Coordinator

I am obsessed with RXBAR! They help fuel my afternoon when I am headed to the gym right after work.  I love that they’re made with clean, simple ingredients like egg whites! And the flavours are amazing. The blueberry is my favourite because it tastes just like a blueberry muffin! These bars keep me full and energized all afternoon.

  1. Welo Probiotic Bars

Loved by Danielle, Food & Snacks Buyerwelo bars

I love Welo Probiotic Bars! They are sweet, low sugar treat with probiotics that promote gut health.  They come in a variety of flavours (all delicious!) and are vegan! The kid’s bars are the perfect mini size for an on the go snack!

  1. Healthy Crunch Chocolate Cherry Sundae Trail Mix:

Trail MixLoved by Megan, Merchandising Associate

When I’m in need of an afternoon snack, I reach for the Healthy Crunch Chocolate Cherry Sundae Trail Mix! It’s the perfect mix of crunchy and sweet with sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. A handful of this mix always helps get me through the mid-afternoon slump and tide me over until dinner time!

What are your favourite afternoon snacks? Tell us in the comments below!

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