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This time of year, we all have made decisions to make healthier choices in the New Year. Eating at home is easy. You can stock the kitchen with your staples (steel cut oats, quinoa, kale, cooked vegetables, rice noodles, fish, hummus etc.) so that any meal can be healthy and made in a snap. The tough part is eating healthy food on the go. This is where people often resort to bars. The issue is that there are a ton of bars out there. How do you choose which snack bar is right for you?

There are two main types of bars: bars for athletes and bars for desk jockeys!

1. Bars for athletes

These are often higher in sugar and carbohydrates to help people replenish after exercise. Some great bars in this category are Vega and Elevate Me. They are gluten free and high in protein with minimal ingredients and processing.

2. Bars for sedentary people (desk jockeys)

The biggest challenge most of us face is the 3pm snack. You want a snack that:

  • Will fill you up until dinner time (protein and fiber are the best options here)
  • Will sustain your mind with no caffeine or sugar highs but instead sustained brain energy
  • Will not leave you too full that you have ruined your dinner (ideally snack should be under 200 calories)
  • Is not too sweet leaving you reaching for a second snack (which will then end up ruining your dinner)

The Simply Protein Bar is unique in that it is a bar that satisfies all four requirements for the healthy 3pm snack. We hear from customers all the time that The Simply Bar is one of the few bars that isn’t too sweet but still quite filling. A recent study showed that The Simply Bar left healthy men and women feeling full for over three hours.

The Simply Bar is offered in 7 different flavours on Well.ca including: Maple Pecan, Caramel & Peanut, Cinnamon Pecan, Raspberry, Cocoa Coffee, Lemon Coconut and Peanut Butter Chocolate.  Each bar contains 140 calories, 4.5g of fat, 15g of carbohydrates (1 g of sugar) and 16g of protein. Are you trying to kick the sweet habit? Try the Simply Choices Chips. The Chili flavor is great for those who like a little bit of spice in their lives, the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper and BBQ Tomato flavors are tamer, and the Herb flavour has a garlic kick!

Simply Protein snacks are great tools to help all of you busy mom’s stay healthy in the New Year and achieve your weight loss goals. Keep an eye out for Simply Protein samples during checkout on Well.ca over the next few months. We would love to know if any of you have tried the Simply Bar and if so, what do you think? What is your favourite flavor?

Written by Cathy Richards, Simply Protein CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

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