Shop Local: 10 Brands We’re Loving Right Now

WellnessShop Local: 10 Brands We’re Loving Right Now

Shop Local: 10 Brands We’re Loving Right Now

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Like many all over the world, we at have really come to appreciate the importance of shopping and supporting our local communities. Whether it’s the farmer’s market down the road, convenience store across the street, or a family-run business a few provinces away, these are the companies, communities and people we want to uplift and support, especially in the light of the hardships the ongoing pandemic has brought to light. 

Explore our current 10 local-brand obsessions (it was SO hard to narrow it down!) and explore the full list and easy local shopping year-round at our Local Gems shop, which recently got a facelift! Can you tell we’re excited to show it off?


Greater Toronto Area brand, bluboho is dedicated to creating fine jewelry with a story. Each of their fine jewelry pieces is handmade in Toronto by experts in the field for undeniable quality.  

2.The Scented Market

Kristy, owner and creator of The Scented Market is a mom of three in Ariss, Ontario. Born from a life-long love of candles, each one is hand-poured while Kristy’s boys help and supersize. True definition of a family-run business indeed!  

3.Birch Bark Coffee

Coffee you can feel good about! Birch Bark Coffee works toward bringing clean drinking water to every Indigenous home by providing and installing certified water purification systems for free throughout Canada.


A medicinal mushroom line of supplements to help educate you on the power of fungi inspired by the healing properties of nature! This local, Toronto based company is the wellness brand you need to try.  


Driven by a love for candy, Squish was founded in Montreal Quebec in 2014, making them the first artisanal candy shop in North America. Specializing over 100 gourmet flavours like none other, with delicious vegan options, you’ll want to try them all! 


An award winning clean skincare brand from Toronto, Consonant focuses on clinically proven skincare whose results will seriously shock you. We at are especially obsessed with their Natural Foaming Face Wash.  

7. Basd

Based out of Kitchener Ontario, this plant-based and organic body care brand creates quality products that work!  The products are good for your skin, without compromising on quality or scent. And trust us, the coffee scrubs and body lotions smell amazing! 

8. Well Kept

Created by two friends who we’re sick of the waste created by women’s shaving products, Well Kept creates superior, sustainable alternatives, while also creating a space for women to speak openly about leg hair, armpit hair, self-care myths, plastic waste, cosmetic industry ingredients – things that don’t always meet the norms of the beauty industry.

9. Rose Toronto 

Organic, fair trade and locally made skincare products that are made with minimal ingredients and formulated using active ingredients. 

10. Mumgry

A must have for the expecting, or soon to be expecting family (and the perfect congratulations gift for a preggo loved one), Mumgry is a Vancouver-based, BIPOC-owned brand that’s creating the delicious treats we all love, free some of the ingredients women may choose to avoid pre-post and during pregnancy.


What we love most about some of these brands are that they were born from the desire to do good in the world – looking at your Birch Bark Coffee – but that’s not just a Canadian trait! Explore all the brands from around the world that work hard to do good at our Brands that Give Back Shop.

What are we missing? Know an amazing Canadian company we should be supporting? Let us know in the comments below!

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