Set Your Self-Care Intentions for 2017

WellnessSelf CareSet Your Self-Care Intentions for 2017

Word on the street is that 2017 is to be the culmination of all the challenge, change and seed planting from the past five years.  Thank goodness, because what a ride it has been for us all!

To help you harness this power into a greater sense of peaceful rhythm, spiritual & creative abundance, here are some tips to practice regularly until they become part of your regular self-practice.

  1. Scrap the New Year’s Resolutions! Yes, that’s right. Throw out the old routine! Those who don’t make resolutions know something. They don’t work!! Not because the intentions aren’t good, but because we overload ourselves with things we want, get frustrated or depressed when they aren’t happening or showing up, and we give up. The trick to manifesting your desires is known and shared by those most fulfilled and successful around us. What do they know and do differently? Here we go …
  2. Tap into the power of your Visualization. Imagine yourself one year from now on Dec 31st, 2017 looking back on the year gone by as you celebrate your accomplishments.  Think of who you want to BE, what you want DO and what you want to HAVE.  Be specific and limit your goals to a maximum of 3 to keep you focused.
  3. Be clear in your understanding of WHY these goals are important to you. Without knowing the reason we want something, we don’t give it the juice to become a reality. Be sure you only speak in the affirmative. I.e. “I love the feeling of clarity because of the sense of power, focus and purpose it brings me.” as opposed to, I want clarity so I don’t feel like I’m running around banging my head against the wall all the time – do you see the difference? Your language is more important than you think!
  4. Turn up the volume and Write it down! Release your dreams from your mind to the Universe and watch the magic unfold!  Simmer in the good feeling vibes of what you want as if it’s already done, talk about it and get excited about it regularly.  This will feel strange and untrue at the beginning as your current reality stares you in the face but you are working to get yourself aligned with what you do want, not more of what you don’t want and this takes kind and gentle practice
  5. Get support from friends and family or better yet, hire a Coach to help clarify your dreams, overcome limiting beliefs and cheer you on to manifesting your dreams faster and easier than you can do on your own!
A few more tips


  • Dwell in worry or upset about what you don’t have – that will just magnetize more of the same
  • Blame others or circumstances when you feel things aren’t going right.
  • Speak in negative terms – unless you feel like having a miserable day then by all means, knock yourself out (who doesn’t love a good old grumpy day under the covers with their favourite comfort food)! You can enjoy knowing that you can make a different choice tomorrow as the negative feelings.


  • Chill out, smile more, skip more, dance, listen to music, practice yoga & meditation and do things that make your heart & soul sing! 🙂

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