Seasonal Snacks: This Winter’s Trendiest Food and Snacks

FoodSnacks & DessertsSeasonal Snacks: This Winter’s Trendiest Food and Snacks

Seasonal Snacks: This Winter’s Trendiest Food and Snacks

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It’s easy to get bored of your snack line up if you’re always munching on the same things. It’s time to spice up your snack game with these six trending snacks to keep you fueled all winter long.

TumYumm Fox nutsTumYumm! Foxnuts – Not sure what foxnuts are? Neither did I. Foxnuts are the seeds popped from the water lily plant! When roasted they’re a surprisingly crunchy, nutrient-dense, popcorn-like snack.  They’re satisfying and rich in calcium, iron, fiber, and antioxidants so you’ll feel fuller longer. They come in four mouthwatering flavours, but Peri Peri is my favourite!

Dick Duff’s Organic Beef Jerky Dick Duffs Organic Jerky– A great source of protein and oh-so-delicious! Once you try this organic jerky, there’s no going back. Try all three flavours and tell us which one you love below!

Squish Vegan Dinosaurs Squish – When you’re in the mood for more of a treat than a nutritious snack, reach for Squish! These gourmet gummies are bursting with flavour and will not disappoint. There’s even lots of vegan flavours!

Kite Kite adaptogen water– This delicious sparkling botanical tea is infused with adaptogens to help you rise, align, and unwind. These are a refreshing drink to reach for at any time of day for a sweet boost!

FreeYumm Crunchy Chocolate Bites Free Yum treats – Whole grains covered in rich chocolate? A match made in heaven! This chocolatey snack is irresistible. As a bonus, they’re free from dairy, nuts, and gluten….as if you needed more reasons to try these.

This Saves Lives BarThis Saves Lives – This brand makes delicious snacks you can feel good about. Every purchase not only curbs your hunger, but the brand is on a mission to end childhood malnutrition and sends lifesaving food to children in need. The unique combinations of flavours make these bars so different then your ordinary snack bar. It’s hard to decide if the Peanut Butter & Jam or the Blueberry & Pistachio takes the cake!

What are you snacking on this winter?

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