Seasonal Snacks: This Season’s Trendiest Food + Snacks

FoodSnacks & DessertsSeasonal Snacks: This Season’s Trendiest Food + Snacks

Seasonal Snacks: This Season’s Trendiest Food + Snacks

Trendy snacks

One of the biggest snack trends of 2019 is “smart snacking”. People want a balanced and healthy lifestyle but aren’t willing to give up snacks (I mean…who would?).

Snacking on nutritious foods throughout the day is a great way to keep your energy levels high and keep you going all day long! Fresh whole foods are best, but that’s not always the easiest on-the-go option, so we’ve rounded up our favourite smart snacking options!

welo barsWelo Peanut Free Probiotic Bars:

Welo Probiotic Bars are an on-the-go essential! With 1-billion probiotic cultures, only three grams of sugar, and plant-based ingredients, you can feel good about these bars. They come in two amazing flavours; mixed berry and double chocolate, both so tasty they’ll curb your hunger and that sweet tooth!

Skuta Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:Skuta pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great natural protein and make for a smart snack without added preservatives, sugars, or chemicals that can be hidden in protein bars. This is a Canadian product and comes in two flavours, Sea Salt and Chili Maple Jango.

snack bombsSnack Conscious:

Snack Conscious has got this smart snacking down with a wide range of products and flavours to fit any craving!  The Snack Bombs are a nutrient dense snack that eliminates hunger with its plant based protein and no added sugar. If you prefer something more savory, they have crunchy BBQ Lime Chickpeas and Garden Herb Peas. All their ingredients are even organic!

Hornby Organic: Hornby

These delicious bars pack a chewy, nutty, punch! The perfect companion for long hikes or your next adventure. You can feel good about the 100% organic ingredients, 10g of protein, and that they’re gluten and dairy free!


The new way to eat cheese! Enercheez is all-natural crunchy cheese that’s easy to take on road trips or keep at your desk for a quick bite.  They’re a great source of energy and calcium, and they fit the keto diet!

What are some of your smart snacking options?

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