7 Uses for Sea Buckthorn

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7 Uses for Sea Buckthorn

sea buckthorn uses

Sea buckthorn is an herb; the leaves, flowers and fruits of which have been used for centuries in both Europe and Asia as food and medicine. Originating in the Himalayas, this fruit is now grown all over the world, and its popping up in products from juices to jams to skin care.

Oil from the sea buckthorn fruit is rich in vitamin C and E, carotenoids and essential fatty acids, all of which have beneficial medicinal properties for the following treatments:

New Chapter Sea Buckthorn Force

New Chapter Sea Buckthorn Force

1. Lose weight

Studies have shown its ability to contribute to weight loss by preventing the storage of excess fat.




Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil Cellular Support with Omega-7

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Oil Cellular Support with Omega-7

2. GI Healing

Its anti-ulcer compounds combined with its natural anti-inflammatories make sea buckthorn an excellent choice for tummy troubles. The oil appears to provide a protective and healing coating to the stomach and gastrointestinal (GI) tract.



3. Cancer fighter

Researchers have found that sea buckthorn exhibited remarkable anti-tumor activity and anticancer effects.

Genesis Today GenEssentials Super Fruit Oil

Genesis Today Super Fruit Oil

4. Reduce Cognitive and Motor Impairment

Multiple studies show sea buckthorn’s effectiveness at reducing memory loss, cognitive impairment and the treatment of a condition that causes motor impairment called dyskinesia. 



CanPrev Synergy C

CanPrev Synergy C

5. Boost Your Immune System and Fight Disease

It’s no surprise that any thing this rich in nutrients would also boost the immune system. Its ability to lower certain inflammation has also linked sea buckthorn to reduced levels of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 



Sibu Omega-7 Blend

Sibu Omega-7 Blend

6. Improve your skin

Vitamin C keeps your skin firm, elastic and looking less wrinkled. Sea buckthorn, with its high vitamin C content is the perfect addition to many face creams and serums.



Sibu Sea Berry Oil

Sibu Sea Berry Oil

7. Calm your skin

Sea buckthorn oil can be great for irritated skin as well. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation (and therefore redness), burning and itching while vitamin E helps heal skin quickly and reduce scarring.



Topical application of sea buckthorn oil has been reported for skin therapy including sun, heat, chemical and radiation burns, eczema and poorly healing wounds. Russian cosmonauts used sea buckthorn cream for protection from cosmic radiation.

Food-wise, sea buckthorn can be rather tart when eaten raw, so it’s often found cooked down in jams, as a syrup in baked goods or most commonly, in supplement form as a concentrated juice or capsule.


  • stev

    Quite impressive sea buckthorn oil benefits & uses.

  • Wendy Gillan

    Thanks for the information! May be helpful for those who are on a weight loss program and I think using Sea Buckthorn will definitely help. Moreover, its usefulness for the skin makes it must to use it at least once.

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